5 Ways to Prepare for a Successful Day on the Green

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Though the summer months are slipping away, there is still plenty of good weather left for a strong golf game. Golf has long been considered a gentleman’s sport, complete with its own etiquette expectations and rules. Regardless of when you choose to play, there are certain aspects of the game that can try your patience and your golf swing. With these tips, you can prepare yourself for the best golf game even when the conditions don’t seem to favor keeping cool.

Always Stay Hydrated

Spending the day out in the sun is draining. You can try to catch a break and drink some water while driving to the next hole, but this won’t be enough to keep your body as hydrated as it needs to be. To prepare for a long day in the sun, start by drinking plenty of fluids long before you plan on leaving for the country club. Avoid alcohol and caffeine on the day of your game as well as the day before to conserve your fluids more effectively. If you sweat more easily, alternate between sips of water and sips of an electrolyte drink on the day of your game.

Dress for the Course

In keeping with the theme that golf is a gentleman’s game, it is only appropriate that you should invest in luxury golf clothing. While you may see noted golfers sporting the clothes of their sponsors, women have the ability to make a fashion statement with Bogner womens golf clothes. Luxurious clothes aren’t always about making you look good. These lines are often designed with functionality and comfort in mind. Light-colored clothing that is loose is more apt to keep you cool on the course. You will be miserable if your clothes start to cling and stick when you start to sweat. Designer clothes allow you to play better and stay more comfortable on the green.

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Apply Sun Protection

The sun will follow you around the course, so it is best to keep yourself out of its direct path. You can do this through a cap or a bucket hat with a wide brim. Light hats do an amazing job of keeping the sun off, and a healthy application of sunscreen helps you avoid sunburn. Many of the new lines of womens golf clothes have sun-blocking properties built-in. This is why you may see some players on the green in long sleeves. Reducing sun exposure keeps you hydrated longer and helps conserve your energy.

Eat Right

When you know you will be heading out to the course, try to alter your diet to accommodate your sun and weather exposure. As mentioned, at least a day in advance of your game you should increase your water consumption. You should also change out large, heavy meals for smaller, lighter meals. You will need the food for your energy levels and to sustain your concentration, but you don’t want to be weighed down by indigestion, belly bloat, or a sluggish metabolism.

Start With a Light Warm-up

You need to fire off a few shots to prepare for the game, but don’t give it everything you’ve got. You need to conserve energy for the holes ahead. Start off with just a light warm-up to get your joints going and your swing in balance. Focus on the fundamentals rather than overexerting yourself to prepare for the tee time.

With the right look and the right preparation, you can have a stellar golf game regardless of what the weather does. While the heat of the summer sun may have you sweltering out on the green, weather conditions are simply accepted as par for the course. Knowing this, you can be ready for whatever the course or environment offers.


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