6 Reasons Why Smart Homes Are Becoming Popular These Days

Planning a Renovation? Don’t Overlook These Important Things
Planning a Renovation? Don’t Overlook These Important Things

Smart homes are a big step in the ladder of evolution for residential spaces. The primary aim of a smart home is to make lives more convenient and comfortable. Smart homes may have been the prerogative of the rich class but this is not true anymore.

According to the Digital Market Outlook, the revenue of the Smart Home market worldwide is expected to be worth more than 195 Billion U.S. dollars in 2025. Combined with the fact that the market is worth more than 115 Billion US Dollars in 2020 itself, it is easily understandable that smart homes have become quite popular these days.

Here are 6 reasons why smart homes are becoming popular these days –

  1. Device integration is super convenient

One gadget in the house is great, but having multiple may be even better with a smart home. A single app can easily manage all the devices in the house without any hassle. Because let’s face it, who wants the added complexity of multiple apps for multiple devices?

Another benefit of these smart hubs – you can set up the entire house settings and save it. Like an “Evening” setting can include – Shades drawn, AC switched on and your coffee machine brewing a cup to prepare before you get home for work.

  1. Comfort of Personalization

Owning a home means getting everything done according to your needs inside it. The home knows your daily schedule and your moods. The rise of the smart home was due to its ability to tick every checkbox in the owner’s list and provide scalable technologies as a whole package.

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Whether having a fresh brewed cup of coffee ready when you wake up in the morning or the water head for your shower – the home can be programmed according to your exact specifications and timings. Being a current gen millennial, getting done with these hassles are a lifesaver and that’s why increasing numbers of people are gravitating towards owning a smart home.

  1. Improving quality of life for Senior citizens

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) technology is becoming very popular in Europe for independent living senior citizens as it improves their quality of life without reliance on others and helps in avoiding injury and illness that may be caused due to laborious tasks.

This also reduces the cost of care required by utilizing accelerated technologies to control the smart home without straining the body.

  1. Security monitoring

Probably one of the most popular features of a smart home – Security surveillance. Its widespread popularity can be measured by the fact that the revenue for the Smart Home Security segment is expected to be worth 44 Billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

Smart security systems can alert you of any unwanted activity in the house as well as check up on your loved ones for you. You may be across the globe but will still be assured of your home’s security.

  1. Ease of access

Buying a smart home gives you the convenience of access wherever you might be. With just a finger touch on a mobile app connected to your smart home, you may control any part of your home without being physically present there. This technology is of great use when stuck in tricky situations and needing flexibility.

  1. Cost and Energy saving

Well who doesn’t like saving money? Smart homes not only conserve energy but are very cost effective. They keep a track of your lifestyle choices and use this pattern to switch off electronic devices when they are not in use. This makes sure that your electricity is used in limited amounts to help lower your bill.

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Designed in such a way to make most use of the available energy without exploiting additional resources, sensors record movement and turn off devices when not in use without additional instructions.

Additionally, using sensors to measure temperature combined with modern home heating systems- smart homes are great at regulating heat to warm homes while using low amounts of energy.

Smart homes have so many advantages that the installation cost must be perceived as a one time long term investment with high yield of output. They help in cost and routine optimization for owners with the added bonus of maximum security and flexibility without having to do hardly anything.

Smart homes are very much in demand right now and the above mentioned 6 reasons are just a few of them.


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