4 reasons why planners are important in our daily lives

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Life is fun but can be demanding at times, and sometimes goes out of control. It doesn’t matter, if you’re in school, in college, or just working, there are always so many things to take care of. Sometimes you wonder, is it only you who is standing in the middle of the hurricane or do others face the same problem? So much work and so less time?

To be honest, everyone struggles to handle everything on their plate but do you know how people manage it all and come out on top? Well, with just one simple tiny planner in their hands, to conquer the world with!

Yes, a daily planner can do wonders to your daily schedule, keep you sane, and bring a packet full of benefits for you, is the secret way to get your life on track!

  1. Productivity is never an accident

With the right planner at work, you get to manage your activities within time. This not only improves your productivity at work but also helps you prioritize while you’re involved in personal commitments.

The primary reason for having better productivity with a daily planner in hand is that there is hardly ever an option for procrastination.

You tick mark assignments as per set deadlines, you wind up pending tasks and you get automatic reminders whenever you open a page. So, with more efficiency, you also get an increasing scale of work, and you find yourself in a smooth flow of chores.

  1. Give your stress wings and let it fly away

When you find yourself in a chaotic schedule, with things getting hectic day by day, stress comes on as an automatic co-rider in the journey. Stress ruins your health, makes you lethargic, and messes everything up.

However, when you got one of the best planners and organizers at work, you will keep on winding up tasks and in fact, find yourself some free time too!

A stress-buster indeed, a planner ensures you are always on time and sometimes, even running ahead of schedule. Be it going shopping, making a presentation, meeting a friend, or fitting in some personal time when everything is balanced, your mind stays at peace and stress stays at bay!

  1. A record is always good to fall back upon

It is always good to have a written track of things, appointments, commitments, and schedules. Why? So that you will always be able to re-confirm, check, or prioritize things accordingly. Studies also reveal that proper planning boost wrench time by 55%.

So, if you forget when you last had your dentist appointment? Open your planner and check. If you forgot when you last went for a spa date? Open your organizer and check. It is as simple as it sounds, especially if you are someone who sucks at even remembering birthdays.

With a record, you not only keep your life on track but you also start to know yourself better, because you figure out how you prefer things to be, timings to be slotted, people to meet and when you genuinely need a break. It’s like having a buddy in your pocket, always there to have your back.

  1. Balancing your money is the key to having enough
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Once you declutter all your plans with your mini bullet journal, you find yourself becoming a pro with serious organizational skills. With a planner, you can also note down and track your expenses, especially for things like travel, monthly payments, and gifting expenses.

A monthly check can make your personal finances more detailed and a glance at it can tell you where you are going right or where you are doing wrong.

Especially for young adults, it is very important to maintain the right equation of necessary and luxury expenses, which is difficult to note if you don’t remember what you did in a day.

A single pen and a paper planner can take you miles ahead, especially on an individual basis. Infact, people start looking up to you and take inspiration, when you set an example with being a good manager in all walks of life.

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar, look at the pretty colors, and sort it out!


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