Relocating With Kids? Here are some Tips!

Relocating With Kids

Moving a house is a tiresome process. It doesn’t only affect your pocket but also impact your social and emotional health. Now when you are moving with kids in the family, the already cumbersome process becomes dreadful enough to give you nightmares. While changing a place can be emotionally tiring for most adults- you have a lot to do between getting moving cost estimate and moving day which is emotionally draining- kids too suffer from the big change to a greater extent. Imagine what trauma they have to undergo as they have to say goodbye to their friends, experience change of school and a drastic change in their routine.

Expert movers explain how they have seen moves where the kids were too depressed to accept the big change coming their way. Child specialists explain that you cannot eliminate all these stressful moments from your child’s transition but can definitely follow some tips to make the process easier.

In this post, we have compiled some tips that can help your child in adjusting to a new place, easily and happily.

Tips to follow when moving house with kids involved:

  • Be sure and confident of your move. If you are completely convinced with your moving step then you will be able to help your child in this transition.
  • Involve your children in the moving process as this will help them in comfortably accepting the change. When they will know everything in advance they know what to expect. Ask them to pack their stuff themselves. This will give them a security that their things will be taken to the new place too.
  • Talk to them regarding the new place and discuss how you will decorate your new house, especially their room.
  • Try to stick to your earlier routines during and after the move as this will make your children comfortable at your new home.
  • Ask your children to pack their stuff and decide what and how they want to do it. Give them enough packing supplies.
  • If your child is very sensitive or allergic then avoid keeping them along during the actual move. You can make them stay at their friend’s place.
  • If you have enough time at hand before moving then it is very much advisable to visit your new house with your kids and interact with neighbors.
  • Meet all your child’s friends before leaving and don’t forget to take pictures. This will make your children feel that their feelings are being taken care of.
  • Take some pictures at your old home as memories.
  • Unpacking your kids’ room first is a very important step in the moving process. Seeing their own stuff and furniture, kids will feel more secure and settled. They will have a feeling of belongingness to the new place immediately.
  • Keep a check at your kids’ behavior and if the need be then spend time with them first and keep the unpacking process pending. You can take their help in unpacking stuff too. If you will ask for their advice then they will feel more connected to the house.
  • Go out and explore new places of fun for them. Go to the nearest park and help them in making new friends.
  • Giving your kids’ some extra attention will ease their transition and they will feel wanted and will also share their feelings.
  • Last but not the least. Tell them that feeling sad is okay and that they can share their feelings with you. This way you will create a bond of trust between you and your kids.
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Emotional effects of relocation on kids:

Ample cases have been reported where relocation made a significant physiological change in a child. Leaving back a place full of memories is never easier for children. They can sink to the feeling of abandonment as they left some of their precious friends behind. The child can easily become introvert and fear making new friends. This change comes from the fear that they might have to leave this place again and move to somewhere new.

 As a parent, you need to extend your full support to the child and ensure that they do not develop this sort of notions. You can even avail professional help if need be to ensure your child understands that this change is for their good and a bright future. They are kids and need some time to process the big information. Let them show their emotions as you break the news to them.

The effects of change in location can be drastic on the kids and must be handled with great attention to details. It is better that you hire a credible moving company and let them handle the moving process. This will allow you enough time to take care of your child’s needs and ensure that they are with you in this big move.




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