Pros and Cons of Slate Roofs

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Slate is derived from an original sedimentary rock, which is a shale type form. It is the finest grained, metamorphic or foliated rock. Slates can be used for building purposes by converting it into the roofing slates. Slate is suitable for roofing because roofing slates have low water absorption, which makes the material into the waterproof material. It requires minimum processing.

Slate roofing offers many benefits therefore it is used by many countries like the UK, England, Ireland or Canada, etc. oldest homes and houses in the nation use slates as a roof. The most effective or elegant stone of roofing is a long-lasting, waterproof, suitable pricing system.

Advantages of slate roofing:-

There are many advantages of slate roofing. Following are some advantages of slate roofing:-

  1. Good appearance: One of the most important parts and advantages of slate roofing installation is the appearance of slates. It is made from natural stones having a color variation. Due to its appearance, it is used by most organizations and buildings (like hotels, restaurants or houses).
  2. Durable: The slate roof has a long life. It is durable. It is fixed with nails if fixed properly and installed carefully than it lasts for hundreds of years.
  3. Waterproof: The slate roof has a waterproof ability. It saves the material, human beings, or property from rainwater.
  4. Environment friendly: Slate roof tiles are also environmentally friendly or fireproof. Due to the manufacturing of slate roofs from natural stones, it creates less pollution. Slate roof tiles are also recycled.
  5. Energy-efficient: The slate roof is made from energy-efficient material. It is thicker and dense therefore it keeps your home cooler in the summer and warm during winter. In summer it prevents hot air from entering into your home from outside. During winter due to its dense, it prevents warm air.
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Disadvantages of slate roofing:-

No doubt, there are so many benefits of slate roofing but every pro has cons also. The advantages of slate roofing create disadvantages also. These are the disadvantages of slate roofing:-

  1. Expensive: Slate roofing has its major disadvantages is its cost of purchasing, installation cost, and manufacturing cost. Because it is installed by a reputable installer which is difficult to find. If you found then he charges more from you.
  2. More weight: Another drawback is the weight of slate roof tiles. It is extremely heavy and you have to put a sound roof deck to hold the weight of slate roofs. Before installation technical survey is needed by the organizations.
  3. No replacement: It is made from natural stones therefore replacement is difficult of the same titles. If tiles break than you find it difficult to match the same tiles easily. Due to color variation also sometime you can’t find the same color tiles. Therefore, you have to replace the whole slate roof which costs you more.

In the end, we can say that slate roofing is good enough for building due to its advantages but the selection of slates is most important. Almost all care is needed before selection.


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