Simple acts that will make you more spiritual

more spiritual

Spirituality means something different to all of us. The act of defining spirituality takes away from its meaning, as there are no set rules when being spiritual. However, most would agree that being spiritual means believing in something bigger than ourselves; whether that’s religious, environmental or unknown. 

While some people might go to a psychic to practice their spirituality (via this mediumchat website, for example) this isn’t the only way to be spiritual. Spirituality isn’t about large gestures. It’s what we do in the day to day. So, what simple acts will make you more spiritual? 

Helping a stranger

A spiritual person doesn’t value themselves over other people. Spirituality means helping others and seeing something beyond ourselves. So, a spiritual person will always go out of their way to help a stranger; whether that’s by holding the door, offering advice or carrying their bags. We can also help strangers by giving to charity, doing volunteer work or being active in our communities. Small gestures go a long way. 

Eating home-grown greens

Many spiritual people like to embrace a plant-based diet that is free of toxins. However, this can be difficult to achieve and might not work for everyone. If you have the means to cultivate a garden, growing your own vegetables can be a simple way to become a little more spiritual. Shop bought vegetables are often grown using chemicals and companies may not pay their workers adequately. So, by growing your own vegetables, you become self-sufficient and know exactly what you’re putting into your body.  

5-minute meditation

Meditation comes in all shapes and forms. Some have a clear routine and meditate first thing in the mornings and last thing at night, whereas others are less structured and meditate when it feels right. Whatever your preferences, simply doing five minutes of meditation a day can help you to be more spiritual. This means finding a quiet and comfy spot, focusing on your breathing and tuning into the way you’re feeling, both physically and mentally. The aim is to reduce brain chatter, clear your mind and find some inner peace. 

Forgiving someone

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Spiritual people don’t cling onto feelings of resentment. While forgiveness is difficult, it’s important in letting go of the past and move forwards. How can you become your greatest spiritual self if you still hold strong, negative feelings inside? So, forgive the suit who barged into you on the street or the ex-partner who wronged you. Not only will they feel better, but you’ll feel a strong sense of relief to be able to focus on something else. 

Spend time in nature

A big part of being spiritual is understanding nature and appreciating all its glory. We wouldn’t be alive without trees providing oxygen and plants fueling our stomachs. So, to feel more spiritual, go for a twenty-minute walk to somewhere quiet and peaceful. Appreciate your surroundings. Being at one with nature is a luxury that we can all experience and, better yet, it doesn’t cost a thing. 


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