Want to Start a Marijuana Business, But Only Have $1000.00 or Less?  There Is Hope!

    Here are seven easy steps for a great cannabutter - from the boiling of the butter/marijuana mixture to the straining and the cooling. Courtesy Bruce Wolf

    While of course starting a huge marijuana business that entails growing and distributing this natural drug, takes time, energy, and money to do this. Marijuana is a tricky plant and needs a lot of tender loving care and a great deal of knowledge to grow, process and distribute.  It can take months or even years before a profit is seen and many individuals lose money and never make any by just jumping into the high end of the business. There are lower end levels that can bring in revenue that can cost approximately $1000.00 or less, and these can be a good place to start for novices as knowledge is obtained about how to advance into the production of cannabis for recreational and medical usages.  Lack of money does not mean lack of opportunity as the marijuana trend is a burgeoning business with many different types of opportunities. With that said, let us examine some lower end ways of breaking into a marijuana business for $1000.00 or less. In 29 states in the USA and across the globe more areas are being added monthly where marijuana is legalized for both residential and medicinal purposes.  There are tens of billions of dollars of sales already generated, and the upsurge continues. Remember when starting to pick your type of business according to your own interests also. Do not pick something that will bore you to tears immediately just for money.

    Here then are some great suggestions for $1000.00 or less start-up marijuana businesses. 

    1. This is an unusual but easy and fun little project-type business. Buy some marijuana plants, some great soil (marijuana needs a certain type of soil loaded with special minerals and acids) buy some breathable organic clay pots and start some seedlings at home or even saplings. Although thousands of varieties of marijuana are said to exist some varieties are not sturdy or even pleasant to smoke or eat.  Three varieties are the top of the line.  Buy a few of these three varieties, start growing them at home, see which variety does best, buy more plants, pots, and soil, and start selling already flourishing plants to neighbors, friends, and even the public if this is allowed in your particular area. Much research is needed on the varieties and growing conditions, and certain types of equipment such as tents and lamps may be needed.  Research is also needed into the laws and regulations in your area. However, if everything passes “muster” this is a fun little business which can be lucrative. Others will snap these up as gifts and for themselves.
    2. This second idea ties into the first idea and that is to become a marijuana delivery service. Deliver these little plants to others or deliver just the seeds and buds plus mature marijuana along with supplies such as tubes, bongs, pipes, and other clever little items such as roach clips.  Again, this ties into number one or can be done alone and is fun for everyone, both you the businessperson and the receivers. Gift boxes can be added with all the above! Much like a florist, others will welcome the sight of you.
    3. This next one takes a bit of skill and is not for everyone. Become a cannabis crowdfunding coordinator. Many businesses cannot obtain traditional loans from banks for cannabis growing and distribution. That is when they seek a crowdfunding coordinator. If you have previous experience in crowdfunding, this is a great avenue to pursue because you can charge for your services and require a commission on sales. It is a win-win if you have a crowdfunding  You do not need to know a lot about marijuana, you just need sales skills as you do need to bring in enough small investors who are interested in one large investment in the production of marijuana.
    4. Become a cannabis reviewer. This is so easy it is unbelievable. If you are a fan of marijuana, all you need is a blog or newsletter or a social media group, and you can review the best types of marijuana, compare prices, and suggest where to purchase. The only upfront cost is a few dollars for a blog, newsletter, and hosting perhaps if you go for a website. Social media posting is free so no costs at all there.
    5. Another unique idea is a vendor/yard sale purveyor of cannabis supplies or memorabilia. Cannabis has been around and enjoyed since the 1960s or possibly earlier but was never spoken of.  It is now legal and there are collectors of cannabis memorabilia and older cannabis supplies.  The bongs of yesteryear do not look at all like those of today.
    6. Turn into a cannabis foodie and make delicious recipes using it that you try out at home and then sell to others. Cannabis edibles are a hot item right now.
    7. Love wine and spirits of all types? Another fun idea is to create cannabis infused cocktails for sale. Individuals get a double “glow” from these and they are gaining in popularity. Caution is needed though as too much alcohol and too much cannabis in one cocktail is not a good idea.
    8. Affiliate programs. Dozens of these exist now for cannabis and its products. We have stated this before, but it is only a few dollars to join and you are up and running immediately.
    9. Cannabis consulting. Give lessons online or in person.  All you need is knowledge.
    10. The most frugal idea of all. Buy good seeds in bulk and resell them.. Nothing is needed but the price of the seeds and your sales skills.
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    So do not hesitate in jumping into a marijuana business as there are many choices of $1000.00 or less ideas!


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