Moving Across the Miles: 4 Tips for Your Long Distance Move

long distance moving

Moving to a new town is incredibly exciting; it’s a chance to start fresh and see another part of the world. But it’s also stressful, as you leave behind old friends, places, and your job. 

All this change can be hard to handle, but you’ll face your move with greater confidence when you prepare for it ahead of time. Follow these tips below to make sure your move goes off without a hitch. 

1. Plan Ahead

While just about any move is stressful, a long distance move is a different kettle of fish altogether. 

Don’t expect to be able to prepare for it in the same amount of time it would take you to organize a local move. You have a lot more on your mind when you’re relocating across the country, so you’ll need more time to think through your steps and achieve your goals.

2. Talk to Long Distance Movers

The further you go, the more pressure you might feel. Things can get complicated when thousands of miles separate your point A and point B. It’s a lot to handle on your own. 

Whether you’re relocating to a new city, province, or country, you’ll want long distance movers on your side. These experienced professionals can help you navigate a complicated and stressful experience, providing white-glove service along the way.

Research your options to ensure you find the best long distance moving companies Canada has to offer. Whether it’s packing, understanding cross-border paperwork, or transporting your belongings after you fly to your destination, the best movers can handle anything. 

3. Downsize

Do you know how much long distance moving costs? If your mover sets their price by the weight of your belongings, you’ll want to think carefully about the items you bring to your new home. The more stuff you pack, the more your move will cost. 

That means the flip side is true, too. The fewer things you bring with you, the less you’ll pay. Purging your home of unnecessary items is a fantastic idea even if you’re paying a flat rate for shipping. It means you’ll have less to pack and unpack!

If the weather permits, hold a garage sale to sell your things. Alternatively, you can post them online over an app or a digital marketplace like Kijiji and Craigslist. Toss or donate what you can’t sell. 

4. Label Thoroughly

What items you do keep, you’ll want to pack properly with the right supplies. In addition to using bubble wrap, furniture covers, and mattress protectors, you’re going to want to invest in a permanent marker. This handy tool will help keep your belongings organized as you label your boxes. 

In a long distance move, it may be a few days or even weeks until you see these boxes again. There’s a chance you might forget what’s inside them during that time, so a precise label cuts down on wasted time.

Make sure you write down the room where that box belongs as well as a short inventory of what’s inside, noting whether its contents are fragile.

A long distance move can be a lot to handle, but these tips can make your job a little easier. 

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