Types of Water Purifier to Choose From 

Air Purifier

Before you go ahead to purchase an air purifier, there are certain things you should know about air purifiers. You need to consider several factors like metal particles, features, contaminates, the hardness of water, etc. to choose which air purifier would be the best for you. Air purifiers are broadly classified into 5 types, each having its advantages and disadvantages. You can get a treadmill on rent if you don’t want to invest in buying one. In this article, we have given a detailed account of every type of air purifier to help you in selecting a particular one.

  • RO Water Purifier

This type of air purifier uses a semipermeable membrane for the purification of water. You need water pump which would pressurise raw hard water to flow through the RO membrane. When the water passes through it, various substances like chlorine, flouride, lead, arsenic, nitrates, etc. get trapped and stuck, giving you purified water. This type of water purifier is most effective in purifying salt, hard water having dissolved chemicals and solids in it. Found in two models, wall-mounted and under sink model, this purifier ensures that you get clean and fresh drinking water, which is completely safe for your health.

  • UV Water Purifier

Ultraviolet water purifiers are built with advanced technology, which is known to be capable of killing water-borne germs and bacteria, pathogens, viruses, microorganisms, etc. This purifier uses an environmentally friendly, which does not utilise any chemical substance for purification of water. The purifier consists of a UV lamp through which the made is made to pass for purification. If you consume water from lakes or river water, having low TDS, this type of our purifier is most suitable in that case. However, a UV purifier cannot purify hard water, having high TDS content. Another thing you must note is that a UV purifier doesn’t purify chemical substances from the water like fluorides, chlorine, arsenic, etc. You can rent gym equipment and set up a home gym.

  • UF water purifier
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These types of water purifiers are best suited for places where there is a low presence of chemical substances because UF cannot remove such substances from water, it can only block them, remove bacteria and viruses in the purification process. These purifiers cannot effectively treat hard water because they cannot remove dissolved salts. As a result, the water remains as it was even after purification. These purifiers have certain advantages though. They can work without electricity and in water pressure conditions. They can purify muddy water as well. The UF membrane can be cleaned a thousand times, hence, providing considerable years of service to customers.

Activated Carbon Water Purifier

Another type of water purifier is an activated carbon water purifier. These are effective in removing pesticides, viruses, bacteria which might be present in water. Any type of dissolved chemicals or salts or hard metals is filtered out easily by these purifiers. Activated carbon removes chemicals present, especially chlorine in the water, which makes the water taste and smell bad.

These are some of the important types of water purifiers worth considering. Consuming clean water reduces the risk of suffering from water-borne diseases which might even cause death. So to make sure your family is staying safe and healthy, install a high-quality water purifier at your home and prevent your health from being damaged.



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