5 Tips on How to Train A Dog

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Adopting a four-legged friend is a great gesture of love but also a demanding choice, which involves great responsibilities and a lot of changes in daily life.

Many times, the choice of adopting a dog is handled too lightly, without considering the time and resources that such an act may involve.

Once you have welcomed the animal into the house, it is essential to start educating it from an early age (if it is a puppy), in order to get it used to following the rules for a good coexistence with you and with the neighborhood. Below you will find some useful tips to train the dog in the best way.

How to train the dog to go to the toilet outside the home?

During the first few weeks, it is quite normal for a puppy to relieve himself around the house, as this is a behavior related to its natural instinct for territorial demarcation.

An adult breed, however, tends to relieve himself away from the place where it lives. This happens because the quadruped is afraid of being located by any predators bigger than it, therefore it avoids leaving signs that can indicate its presence.

In short, growing up, the dog will naturally be led to do his business outside the home. The important thing is to educate him correctly, without forcing or using unorthodox methods. If the dog is a puppy, avoid using absorbent sleepers, as these could confuse him. 

If it gets used to peeing on the ground in the house (even if on the sleeper), the animal will tend to consider it normal to do this and may urinate on carpets or doormats mistaking them for litter boxes.

Rather, try to understand what are the dog’s evacuation times, whether after eating, after sleep or after playing, and anticipate his needs by taking him for a walk at the right time. By doing so, you could achieve excellent results, without losing your head to follow other unsuccessful methods.

Avoid scolding your four-legged friend if he does it at home, rather reward him with a treat when he does it outside. Giving the dog rewards after he does something right is an effective training tool.

If you follow these few simple rules, within a few weeks, your dog will learn to hold back their needs until you take them out for a walk.

How to teach the dog not to annoy the neighborhood?

If you live in the city or in an apartment building, it may be necessary to educate the dog to not bark during the night or in your absence, in order to not disturb the quiet of the neighborhood.

Many overcome the problem by opting for the best anti-bark collar, which prevents the animal from expressing itself with its bark if it is not authorized to do so.

In order to avoid the use of this “unpleasant” method of coercion, it is possible to adopt some precautions, to ensure that the quadruped barks as little as possible in an uncontrolled manner.

Dog often barks when he does not have adequate space to rest. In fact, it is common for the animal to emit its own noise near the door of the house or a window, especially when it hears people passing by in common areas or on the street.

By virtue of this it is essential to place the kennel of our four-legged friend in a quiet place in the house. The less noises the dog perceives during his rest, the less likely it is that he will bark.

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How to get the dog used to being home alone?

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Another reason that can lead the dog to bark or complain loudly is your absence from home. Dogs are like children and suffer a lot from loneliness; they can often suffer from real anxiety attacks due to separation.

To get the quadruped used to your more or less long absences, it is good to proceed gradually, perhaps leaving it alone for a few minutes and then reappear in front of its eyes.

Thanks to this method you will accustom your furry friend to better deal with loneliness, so that you can manage your daily routine with peace of mind. Gradually increase the separation time from your dog and perform a kind of small ritual to repeat at each outing. 

For example, you could give the dog a toy to bite, so by gnawing, the animal will release some stress and avoid doing damage in the house during your absence.

How to train the dog not to do damage in the garden?

If your home has a garden, it is a good idea to take some small steps to prevent the dog from damaging the plants or filling the lawn with holes. There are very frequent cases in which dogs transform gardens into battlefields; however, this behavior has very specific causes. 

If the animal is not given attention by its owner and other family members, it will tend to get bored. At this point an area full of earth, flowers and plants will turn into a perfect “canine amusement park” where the quadruped will vent the stress and frustrations caused by human indifference.

A green space must be seen as a good opportunity to allow the dog to run, to do his business, to play and not as a place to park your furry friend alone for most of the day.

By increasing the moments of contact between the owner and the animal, the latter will feel less neglected and less bored and will not feel the need of having to make it up on the lawn at home.

How to teach the dog to be less aggressive with his fellow men?

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Avoid letting the dog meet other peers in too small or confined spaces. Each dog uses its own body language to communicate and if two dogs are in a small space or worse indoors, serious misunderstandings between the two could arise, which can escalate into a fight.

Avoid dog areas or public parks that are too crowded, they could turn into real brawling traps. Before leaving the dog free in a green area, make sure that no tense situations can arise with other dogs and that the animal cannot harm other people present in that place.

Remember that there are quadrupeds more or less inclined to establish peaceful social relations and for this reason we must respect the natural inclinations of the animal and protect it.


When we decide to welcome a puppy into the family, the biggest problem that arises is always that of educating him to behave correctly at home and outside.


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