5 Causes of Stress in a Relationship

About fifty years ago, no one in the world had heard the word stress while today, most of us are leading a crippled life due to the same. Some people say that stress is a consequence of a modern lifestyle, while others argue that it is the curse to human beings who destroy mother nature in return for their greedy demands. 

Medical professionals would agree that stress can have severe harmful effects on our bodies, and it may even be the reason for the development of numerous physical ailments and sometimes even chronic diseases. 

There are numerous ways to manage stress, and some of them may be easier to incorporate in daily life than others. A fine example is using ayurvedic techniques and oils like dhanwantharam thailam for massage and doing yoga or any physical exercise every day. 


After many years of research and studies about the human brain, psychologists have found that the brain is composed of various different levels of consciousness. Neurologists and doctors would also tell you that the brain has several areas that perform specific functions. 

One part of our brain is said to be responsible for creativity, and our inner artist comes alive through working with this part. This is where we feel things and our ability to create art comes from.

Another part of the brain, which is the most used part is responsible for logical thinking and rationalisation. This part is responsible for keeping us safe from the dangers in the world and also where the ego finds its home.

The problem arises when one cannot stop generating ideas. People call it the monkey brain, the part of the brain which does not know when to shut off. This is how people tend to keep thinking without any real reason. 

It is like a chatterbox always bombarding us with thoughts and ideas even when we don’t need them. Overthinking like this often leads to a habit of not being able to control the thoughts or even react to them in a healthy way. 

This habit tends to develop into stress over time and not only does it affect the mental health and the ability to respond to external situations in a rational way, but it also manifests into various forms of physical ailments like heart disorders, hormonal imbalance or the overall quality of one’s life. 


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An important difference that people tend to ignore is that our brain is a highly evolved organ which is never going to stop producing thoughts. There are millions of thoughts generated inside a human’s mind every single day, and that is absolutely normal. 

The only thing one needs to work upon is to practice the art of mindfulness and be able to react to our highly evolved minds like evolved conscious beings. 

The modern world adds more to this as surviving is becoming more and more difficult and one is surely affected by society and everything that is going on in the external world. Following steps can be helpful in managing stress regardless of age.

  1. TAKE BREAKS: In our busy lives, it is hard to find and cherish a moment of doing nothing and being okay with it. A small tip to start with is to take breaks in the middle of work, say just for a few minutes and focus on nothing but one’s breathing. This will help to make you aware of the small things and make you calm. 
  2. AYURVEDA: Ayurvedic practices and rituals can help manage stress and also make one calm and peaceful. Ayurvedic products like dhanwantharam thailam can be used for massages, not only do they help to manage stress but also work in various other ways and help to bring an overall balance in the health and wellbeing of an individual. Incorporating the use of basic things like turmeric, cinnamon, etc., in daily life may even help to treat diabetes apart from managing wellbeing. 
  3. VACATIONS: Another important way to manage stress is to go on vacations with friends, family or solo. Going to a new place makes us more aware of our surroundings and be mindful towards our environment, further making us calm and peaceful. 
  4. YOGA AND MEDITATION: People these days have started to become aware of being in perfect harmony of health and wellness. Yoga helps one breakthrough physical and emotional barriers of human life and reduces stress. Meditation can not only help one remain calm and mindful; it can also be a doorway to the divine and a source of endless creativity.


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