What Makes Corflute The Best Sign Material?

The Most Optimal Material for Balustrade in Public Places: Glass
The Most Optimal Material for Balustrade in Public Places: Glass

If you’re in the process of creating a new sign to advertise your business, you might have realised how deep the process actually is – there are countless materials, printing methods and design options you can choose for your sign, but it’s often not apparent which one might be the right one for you. Corflute is one such example of a material readily available for those looking to create a sign, but it is also a material that people might not know much about. In this article, we take a look at what corflute is and what makes it such a good possibility for those looking to make the best possible sign for their organisation.

Corflute and versatility

There’s a reason why corflute protection board is such a popular choice among organisations – corflute is an extremely lightweight material that is easy to install and doesn’t require much maintenance, making signs constructed from corflute ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Perhaps the biggest advantage for those looking to make signs out of corflute is the fact that it is extremely affordable as well! This becomes particularly apparent when comparing corflute to other signage materials. Other materials that provide the same weather resistant features, such as aluminium and colour-bond panels, are typically far more expensive, meaning organisations get a lot less for their money. Corflute isn’t just popular because of its cost-effectiveness, though – the material itself lends itself to a lot of customisability due to its ability to be cut quite easily. This makes it simple for manufacturers of these signs to cut corflute to very exact specifications, which will help organisations really push their brand due to the options for custom shapes and cuts. All up, this makes corflute an ideal sign for any kind of location where you need presence, whether it be a storefront, a trade show or a large advertisement in a window for an upcoming sale!

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Quality built to last

Changing and replacing signs can be an annoying consideration for any brand, particularly when they’re large, bulky, awkwardly shaped or heavy signs. This is far from the case with corflute – because corflute is so lightweight, swapping and changing up signs is simple and fast. This light weight also means that little is needed to ensure corflute stays up after it’s been put up – unlike aluminium and other metal signage, corflute only requires affordable materials like double sided tape and Velcro to stay up indefinitely. It’s also possible to cut eyelets into your corflute and suspend it that way, with this being a particularly handy approach for those looking to reuse their signs in the future. The waterproof nature of corflute also makes it an ideal sign material to hang up outside without needing to worry if it will get damage by the elements. The printing technique itself is also designed to ensure that all images, numbers and letters will stay on for the long haul, so you won’t end up with a faded sign hanging up indefinitely.

Thinking of going for corflute?

It’s safe to say that corflute is popular for a reason. Its affordability combined with durability and customisability have made it a no-fuss and no-risk option for countless businesses across Australia. If you’re tired of spending big on advertising, corflute signage may be the answer for you.


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