Top materials to use for your kitchen cabinets and cabinet hardware backplates

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Kitchens can be one of those places in your house with constant traffic. From children to elders, everyone takes a gander around the kitchen looking for their favorite snack, late-night cravings, to enjoy a delicious meal, or simply take a sip of cold water from the fridge. Whatever the scenario, your home kitchen is rarely empty. Hence, when designing your kitchen you must consider certain facets, one of which is using durable material for your cabinets. With so much pushing and pulling your cabinets and cabinet hardware backplates have to endure, using durable and, long-lasting material for your kitchen cabinets construction becomes necessary.

Well, simply saying that you should use hard material is not enough. What might puzzle you is figuring out which material to go for exactly? Don’t worry. Read this quick article and you will know everything about the materials you need to use to make your kitchen not only the best looking but also super enduring.

  1. Use wood

Nothing brings more class than wood. Provided you go for the right of wood, be it timer or mind among others. With wood, you get to play around a lot. From texture to design and colors, you can manipulate wood to make it the way you want. The right kind of wood also has a long life and is very durable in the sense that they can go on glamorizing your kitchen without any issues. Yes, the maintenance of wood is an expense you need to bear from time to time. You would also need to reckon durable kitchen drawer knobs that pay compliment to the wood surfaces. For backplates, you can use varied options ranging from brass to nickel and more. Additionally, you cannot use any sort of wrong, low-quality wood-like ply that has a low life length, and they are not good with heat. In doing so, you are simply inviting more trouble.

  1. Steel or aluminum 
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While wood can make your kitchen look retro, steel, on the other hand, provides a more futuristic touch. In terms of durability and strength, nothing speaker louder than aluminum and steel. You can have your cabinets custom made in steel and generally goes with toppings of glass. They are also used with wood and other materials to overall toughen the look. While on the positive side, heat will not affect these, on the other hand, the look of your kitchen can be very monotonous because of the limited colors steel and aluminum are available in.

  1. PVC cabinet

If you are on a budget and still want to make your kitchens look a class apart, the best way to do it by using PVC for your cabins. They are some of the cheapest options of martial, you will find in the market, and installing them is also pretty easy. If you think that it would look very common, you can enhance their look by going for custom cabinet hardware backplates, there are numerous designs and materials to choose from when it comes to knobs and backplates for your cabins. Choose something sophisticated and install them with the PVC to give a unique feel to your kitchen.

  1. Laminates cabins 

If you are renovating your kitchen to give it a more modernized look, nothing will get your job done than laminates. Yes, they are not wood and hard, solid wood, laminates are compiled layers of sheets made from a variety of material like plastic and paper, to say the least. They are much more durable and possess a great deal of decor power. Laminates can dwell into any form of design you would like and they simply look fantastic. The only downside to using laminates is the fact that its edges tend to get rough very easily and, since it is developed from a process that uses plastic, we cannot simply disregard the environmental issues that plastic can cause. So, yes, these factors are certainly to be considered.

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Other materials including varied forms of wood can also be used to make your kitchen cabinets stand out. However, above are some of the most classier ones you will find in the market. Remember, never go for a cheap material with a low life span, even for your carbonate knobs and backplates. Be sure and use only the best. Check the material you are buying and also check the place where you are buying. Have a mental picture of how you want your kitchen to look like and go on with a plan. All the best!


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