5 outdoor furniture ideas to add to your garden


When we picture garden furniture, we might think of plastic chairs discolored by the sun, and a table stained with last year’s burger relish. Uncomfortable, unstylish and not something you’d see in an interior design magazine.

So, what could your outdoor furniture look like? These days, there are so many table and chair sets available for your barbecues; from solid wood sets with a 25-year guarantee to excruciatingly stylish metal ones (which might look painful but are actually so well designed they are extremely comfortable).

That’s not it either! Long gone are the times when your garden was used a couple of times a year, so there’s a lot more you can add in order to use your garden more than ever before. Here are our top 5:

  1. Recliners 

Comfort is king! If it’s a sunny day and you want to relax with a book (or phone!), you’ll no doubt want to be comfortable. With traditional garden chairs, this might not be possible so take a look at the range of garden sheds and furniture available at Aston Sheds UK. You’ll be able to pick a lounger that’s not only in keeping with the style of your garden but is also very comfortable for your relaxation requirements.

  1. Parasol days

Believe it or not, the sun in England can be a little unbearable at times, so a large umbrella can help shield you. It can keep a bit of warmth in when the evening starts to draw in and also means you can still enjoy your garden in times of light rain or even snow!

  1. Heaters
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Even the warmest summer days can turn chilly of an evening, but it’s no fun having to return indoors. If you get yourself an outdoor heater, you’ll be able to prolong the fun as late into the night as possible! Heaters also mean you can enjoy your outdoor space more of the year-round by warding off the cold. Add a throw or blanket, and you’ll be super cozy even in the depths of winter.

  1. Extra seating

If there’s another little area available, perhaps a sun trap, why not get a different style (and maybe smaller), table and chairs? There’s a huge range of offers available so take a good look from as many stores as possible. This could be the perfect little spot for your morning coffee or to hide from the rest of your household when you want a few moments of quiet!

  1. More living space

While not technically furniture, a shed or log cabin could act as an extra living room for you either to entertain in or as a hideaway to escape to. These rooms can be anything you want them to belong, gone are the times when a shed was only to be used for storing your tools!


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