Exploring Mesmerizing Sailing Destinations in Ibiza

Destinations in Ibiza

There is nothing like touring sailing destinations if you are a beach lover. Ibiza is one of the most beautiful locations and offers several sailing options to the visitors. However, before picking the destinations, make sure that you have a reputed boats rental Ibiza option in hand. Substandard boat service providers can turn a sailing trip into a nightmare.  A good strategy is surveying online and comparing few top rated boat service providers.

When you talk about destinations in Ibiza, here are some of the most popular ones you should definitely visit.

1. Cala Conta West Coast Ibiza

This is a beautiful destination for sailing. The crystal blue sea is surrounded by cliffs and gorgeous looking rocks. While sailing, you can click some quality snapshots and keep them as golden memories. Selecting a quality boat charter is obviously the key so that you can have a smooth trip. The sunset of Cala Conta is an experience one should not miss. 

2. Formentera

This is one of the most unique sailing destinations because you can view different sea water shades including deep blue and turquoise. It is a recommended point for you if you have a love for snorkeling. There are several local restaurants offering mouthwatering meals. Secondly, there are several sightseeing opportunities. While maneuvering your boat, you would see various interactive activities on other boats including dancing. In an overall manner, this experience is stunning. If you are looking for a lifetime sailing experience along with your family, this is one of the best islands for you.

3. Cala Grocio

This place is mainly popular for beautiful beach and amazing weather. There are several boat charters you can consider to tour this place. The water is stunning and at certain points, you can easily see through it. If you talk about the weather, it is mostly fine but some summer can be hot. 

4. Blue Marlin

This place offers enjoyable sailing trips and multiple water sports opportunities as well. If you are interested in diving or scuba diving, Blue Marlin is one place for you. Sunsets are worth watching and early morning to midafternoon is the best time for sailing.

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