The More the Merrier? The Different Types of CBD Products

The More the Merrier? The Different Types of CBD Products

Are you delving into the wonderful world of CBD? If so, you might not be aware of all the products that are available to you.

Due to its huge popularity, CBD is now used in everything, including food, beverages, beauty products, and more. Curious as to the different types of CBD products? This article has all the information you need!


There is no shortage of CBD edibles on the market today, and they can provide you with the dose you're looking for. Whether you're interested in gummies, brownies, candy, cookies, peanut butter, or some other sweet treat, you will find what you're looking for.

You can also make food with CBD, including pizza, macaroni and cheese, soup, and more. There are tons of recipes on the internet for you to peruse.


Hoping to consume your CBD in liquid form? If so, you won't have any trouble. There are plenty of CBD-infused beverages on the market.

Whether you're looking for tea, coffee, juice, or water, there's a product available to you. There are even CBD energy drink packets, allowing you to reap the effects before or after a big workout.


The most basic form of CBD is CBD oil, which is available from sellers all over the internet for oral ingestion. CBD oil comes in a wide variety of flavors, including lemon, hemp, vanilla, and more.

Beauty Products

Do you make use of beauty products? If so, you should know that there are CBD-infused versions available. These products include everything from toners to lip balms to bath bombs to beard oils to soaps and more.

These products absorb through skin pores, delivering beneficial effects within a few hours of their application. Helping to stave off swelling and inflammation, they can be great for those dealing with acne.

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Pet Products

Do you have a dog or a cat? If so, you might consider giving him or her some CBD treats. There are a variety of CBD-infused pet products on the market that can help reduce pain, stave off anxiety, and improve your pet's well-being.


While it might not be the ideal form of absorption, the anal ingestion of CBD is available. All you need to do is buy CBD suppositories. These work faster than all other methods of CBD absorption, allowing you to reap the benefits as quickly as possible.


Similar to CBD oils, CBD tinctures absorb orally. Coming in dropper containers, users hold them under their tongue for around 10 seconds.

Absorbing CBD with the use of tinctures will produce the desired effects quickly, allowing you to move on with your day. Available in a variety of flavors, they can serve as a key part of your morning routine.


Do you like to use lotions, creams, or balms on your skin? If so, you should consider purchasing a CBD-infused version.

There are all types of CBD-infused skincare products, coming in a variety of consistencies, scents, and potencies. Not only will they offer skincare benefits, but pain-relief and anxiety-reducing benefits as well.


CBD extract is a liquid substance derived from the most CBD-laden portions of the hemp plant. While it contains trace amounts of THC, it primarily consists of CBD.

CBD extract is in a wide variety of CBD products, including edibles and beverages. Note, however, that you can buy it on its own as well.


CBD patches get applied to the skin, where they provide long-lasting effects throughout the day.

They work the same way as lotions, absorbing through skin pores. As such, they can take a while to take effect. Nonetheless, they will provide you with the feeling you're looking for.


Are you interested in smoking your CBD? If so, you're in luck. CBD vapes make this a possibility.

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Available in a variety of flavors, CBD vape cartridges can connect to most vaping devices, allowing you to ingest them as needed throughout the day. While they don't absorb as quickly as oils and tinctures, they absorb much faster than skin-absorbing products.


CBD concentrate is a wax-like substance containing high percentages of CBD. Generally absorbed via the practice of dabbing, it delivers quick, strong, and long-lasting results.

To consume concentrate, you'll need to buy a dabbing rig and accompanying accessories. This practice is popular among marijuana enthusiasts.


CBD at its most basic comes as an isolate. This is a white powder entirely void of THC. As such, it's a solid option for those who have to take recurring drug tests.

Note, however, that CBD isolate isn't quite as effective as other products. Because of this, it's most often used as a supplement to other CBD-infused products.


The last CBD product for you to consider is CBD capsules. These are capsules that contain either CBD oil or water-soluble CBD extract.

While both types of capsules can be beneficial, those filled with water-soluble CBD extract typically provide the best results. This is due to their greater potency.

There are All Types of CBD Products for You to Enjoy!

As you can see, there are all types of CBD products for you to enjoy. Whether you're looking to reap the benefits of CBD or are looking for a little variety, there is a product to accommodate you.

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