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Ah. Shirts. The most comfortable clothing piece a human being could ever have.

T-shirts have withstood the test of time. Look at the trends in fashion from one generation to another, and shirts have always been present. In fact, it has become staple clothing for both men and women.

But what is it about shirts that made it into one of the most popular and most influential fashion pieces in existence? Here are some of the reasons:


The great thing about shirts is that you can buy it anywhere, from a store selling womens boutique tops, department stores to the thrift store next door. 'Let's say you stained your blouse from your morning coffee on the way to work, and you just happen to pass by a store, you can easily find a shirt to buy and use in the future.


T-shirts never run out of style – which is one less thing to worry about considering the fashion industry continually changes. A shirt, no matter how simple, is a versatile piece of clothing. It can be mixed and matched with other apparel. You can be fashionable, even with a simple t-shirt.


The number one reason why t-shirts are popular is owing to its being the most comfortable clothing ever. One can wear it during any season: summer, winter, fall, spring. It can be worn under a denim jacket, with jeans or shorts, or under a hoodie, you name it. A t-shirt is a 'person's comfortable-wear. Not feeling like wearing a pantsuit? Wear a shirt. Too sulky to dress up tonight? Go for a shirt.

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Some clothing matches a certain age bracket, but t-shirts 'don't. It can be worn by anyone in the world, from your 'sister's firstborn baby to your favorite grandma. Anyone owns a shirt and can wear it. No one will judge you for wearing a t-shirt no matter how old you are or how you look like.


Indeed, your fashion sense says a lot about your personality. A simple t-shirt can do that, too. Since one can get creative with their shirt design, it can tell people exactly how you feel or how you are as a person. You can have shirts that state how much you hate Mondays, love coffees and Harry Potter – the possibilities are endless with t-shirts.


T-shirts are the epitome of affordable fashion. Unlike other clothing that is really expensive, the shirts are very affordable. Which means you can own a bunch of shirts without hurting your wallet. You can easily find affordable options at a women’s boutique tops store.


Shirts are comfortable to take care of, too. Most shirts 'don't really have special washing instructions – just dump them into the washing machine (just remember to separate the whites from the colors) and 'you're good to go! Shirts can last a long time when taken care of properly!


From round necks, V-necks, long-sleeved to short-sleeved, knitted shirts to pullovers, shirts are the tops you 'can't stop. No one can say that you have too many shirts when there are many types out there. So, lose yourself and drown yourself in shirts!

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