5 Reasons to Become a Massage Therapist In 2019

Massage is all about giving comfort to the bodyand this can be ultimately achieved through good massage tables. You may have read a lot of articles on the most effective massage products all around the world. But massage products are not the only thing that provides complete comfort during the massage. A major part is played by the massage table. So, one should not only be concerned to buy a massage table but should also focus upon the material of the table that comforts him/her the most. Here we’ll talk about the different materials of the two regions of massage tables.

  1. Upper part.
  2. Internal and lower part.


The upper part of the massage table is the soft region on which you lie. Listed below are some materials of the upper part of the massage table.


Leather is well-known for its enduring quality. It is created from animal skin. However, among all the types of leather, full-grain leather is the most preferred one. The reason behind it is that has a thin layer, called the patina, which protects the leather. Not, only for the massage table, full-grain leather is used in other furniture items as well.

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However, after buying a leather massage table, you must use it carefully, especially keep it away from sharp items.


Polyvinyl chloride is known for its flexibility. The tables made from having high durability. However, they are not very eco-friendly. According to many users, it is not very comfortable, as it causes a lot of sweating within the body. But, a very good part of their material is that it does not absorb any kind of moisture within it. Also, it is stained resistant and can be easily be washed by a wet cloth.

Noteworthy, heating up your body after applying certain massaging products can cause damage to your body.


As understandable by name, this is the infrastructure of the table. Now we’ll tell you about the different materials from which this region of the massage table is made.


Aluminum is as strong as other metals. But what separates it from other metals is the fact that it is very lightweight. It is also preferable because it is highly resistant to corrosion. Most of the aluminum massage tables are made hollow so that they can be folded to minimum size. Many companies provide a variety of colors on aluminum by means of polishes.

2.   WOOD

Wooden massage table may look old fashioned, but they have a prominent feature of royalty in them. Wood was used as the material for making a massage table in the very initial days. However, some companies still have retained the class by making such tables in the present time. Others have decided to reshape the styling of a wooden massage table to a modern pattern. However, many products can stick to it and may lead to staining over it. But, a good polish and careful utilization of the table can make it last longer.

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Noteworthy, wooden massage tables are not preferred to be used near water. This is because wood absorbs water which can lead to damage the product.

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