– A Truly Anonymous and Safe Way To Gamble?

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The concept of gambling as you probably know has remained largely the same ever since it came about. However, whilst the concept may have stayed the same, the ways in which it is done has changed over the years. Bitcasino demonstrates perfectly one of the ways in which these changes have taken place. Have a look at for additional information to this article.

Bitcasino was established in 2014. It is the world’s largest and most popular casino that uses only cryptocurrency for its dealings. The Bitcasino is also licensed by Curacao’s Government, as well as having received a number of awards from different casino review sites for its trustworthiness.

The games that are available for play on Bitcasino are made by some of the best-known casino game developers in the world. These include Microgaming, as well as Ezugi. As well as these games being extremely well made and often very entertaining to play, there is a wealth of other benefits that come with playing games from developers that are known to be reputable. For example, the games that are made by such developers are known not to be made unfairly, and that they do not place any of the players at a significant advantage over the other.

Bitcasino utilizes the bitcoin, which is a new cryptocurrency that has stormed the market in the last 15 years. Bitcoin was one of the first cryptocurrency to come into existence. A cryptocurrency acts in the same way as a virtual currency, it represents a monetary value online and can be used for trading goods and services in the same way that traditional currency can online. However, it is slightly different in that cryptocurrency must be bought with traditional currency. These differences that exist between cryptocurrency and traditional currency affect how it is used in the world of gambling as well. Whilst cryptocurrency might be the same concept as traditional money, it is used differently in gambling and is in fact, in many ways, a lot better to use when gambling as opposed to cryptocurrency. This is for a number of reasons, but mainly due to the fact that it represents an awful lot more security than traditional gambling does. For example, when you are withdrawing your winning (in Bitcoin) from, they are being sent to your Bitcoin wallet address from the Bitcasino. This does not require any bank details or personal details. The online casino and gambling industry is becoming popular day by day.

One of the other advantages of bitcoin gambling is how private it is. When using and trading with bitcoin online, you remain completely anonymous to anyone else. Since there is not one single correlation between yourself and your Bitcoin wallet, no one will ever know that it was you that was gambling. Once you have purchased Bitcoin and they have been stored in the balance of your Bitcoin wallet, there is no way of identifying a link between the person that owns the bitcoin wallet, and the bitcoin that is being spent. If you’d like to remain anonymous while gambling, the Bitcasino is a fantastic way to go. 

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