How to Redecorate Your Home on a Budget

How to Redecorate Your Home on a Budget

Planning how to redecorate your home can be a lot of fun. It gives you a chance to put your stamp on a new house, or refresh a place you’ve lived in for a few years that is looking a bit drab. The problem is that employing a professional decorator can be a costly process. This is money well spent if you have the means, as you’ll get a top-quality finish as well as not having to take on all the work yourself. However, if employing someone isn’t an option, you can achieve excellent results with a bit of careful shopping and some evenings spent with a paintbrush.

Budgeting for your redecorating project

If the budget’s tight, take the project one stage at a time. Buy enough materials to do one room, and while you’re working on that one, you can be putting a little aside ready for the next room. If you have a tight budget but need to get going rather than wait, check out a website like to see if you could borrow a small amount for a short time.

Buying materials for your redecoration project

There are some amazing bargains to be had if you shop around. Ends of lines, ex-display items, and shopping at discount stores can all reap rich rewards, so have some fun looking for the best deals. There are a couple of areas in which buying cheap is a false economy, though, and painting is one of the most critical of these areas:

  1. Cheap paint won’t cover as well as a quality paint so you won’t get such a good finish, plus you’ll more than likely have to do at least two coats on walls that a quality paint would have done in one.
  2. Cheap paintbrushes are fine for doing the fence or shed, but on interior surfaces, you’ll find you can’t paint as well along edges such as ceilings and door frames, and you’ll get brush lines and bristles in the paint.
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Always go for the best materials you can afford, and when it comes to paint and brushes, only buy good quality, or you’ll find your project turning into a tiresome chore.

How to paint

Achieving a good finish with paint does take practice, so if you’ve not done it before or have little experience, consult a guidebook or website for some tips. Watching a video is a great way to learn, as you can observe the technique and copy it. Preparation is key, so take out everything you can from the room, and cover the rest. Cover the floors too, and put masking tape over the areas where you want to cut in unless you’ve got a very steady hand.

Follow the instructions on the paint tin, and start on a large wall where you can practice without worrying about edges and lines. You can use a good quality brush, a roller, which covers a larger area more quickly, or a painting pad, which combines the quality of a brushed finish with the speed of the roller.

Take your time, put on some music, and don’t try and do too much at one time. With the experience of finishing one room to your satisfaction, you can then make your way around the house feeling confident that you’re doing a great job.

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