Want to build a gallery wall in your home? Here are some tips

What makes a flat, or a house, or an apartment, or even a rental apartment your home? Simple, home is where the heart is. For most of us it is an overheard quote but let me tell you – I am still to read a quote that carries more depth than this. It is simple to construct an apartment, but difficult to create a home out of it.

You can decorate your house with a plant here or there or different shelves. You could add wallpapers, bricks, furniture or windows. But there is a different sense of satisfaction in adding a gallery wall as it is a way of depicting all those memories you cherish.

The beauty about this is there are more ways than one to create it, but you need to add sufficient thought, time and effort into the same. We here bring you some tips to help you create that wonderful gallery into your space. These are some of the ideas I implemented when I got my photos printed in Singapore.

Look for the Perfect Space for All your Memories

First things first. Before deciding the what, how or even when aspect, we need to find out the where aspect. A huge, large wall will be desirable. It could have windows, be in your bedroom, could be near the fireplace, could be in the hall and could be visible each time you enter or exit your house or could be in the nursery. It is completely your choice. Even small spaces could fit your desire. You need to be comfortable, happy and satisfied with it. Take time and don’t rush with this decision because this is not a one-time watch, this is what you chose to see every day.

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Choose your Photo Prints wisely

This might be a very important decision you will have to take. Again, don’t rush and take your time with it too. There might be ideas in your head which you would want to implement. There might be a specific theme you might want to follow. Share your ideas with your family and decide on them. You might need to ask yourself with certain questions like; do you want your gallery to be uniform or variant? Only prints or decorative ideas like mirrors, or souvenirs. Find your answers, alternatives and pick the one you love the most!

Make the best use of floor

We ended the above point saying that you must be content with what you chose for yourself. But how do you do that? It is a difficult job as, without any real depiction, you can’t really be sure. So for that purpose, you can go ahead with a rough depiction of it on your floor. While doing, try to be as specific as you would want to be with your gallery wall. This will show you whether what you really want is matching with what you are really doing. This way you can eliminate and add the prints, frames, tapes, themes or any other decorative item of your choice. This will save you a lot of time which you wouldn’t want to waste. You can also check Pinterest for getting amazing ideas.

It is Okay to go off Center

You might have a focal piece among all your picture prints for the gallery wall. But there are more chances than not that the piece does not hang in the centre.  So, don’t be afraid of it. It is natural. It need not be the centre of attention or attraction. A centre of attraction frame is not a bad thing, on the other hand, not the centre, isn’t bad either. Try different combinations, formations keeping it at a side. This will help you to get a better look and not be stiff but flexible with your decisions.

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Let it Grow with time

Memories are things we cherish our entire lives. Gallery walls are a way to depict them.  We should never hold back on to our memories, so why keep the gallery wall static? As the subhead reads, let it grow, let it grow. By growth, we mean to evolve. After a point of time, it might not be possible to increase space, but you can always change themes, prints decorative for the best experience.

A gallery can add much depth and make a room infinitely much more interesting. As far as our analysis goes, it should be a must add on to your bucket list for you this season. With this, we reach the end of this quick guide and hope that this helps you design your very own masterpiece.

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