Buying handicrafts online? Read this first

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Do you know the one thing which is common to almost all of our big life moments, be it a new house, a birthday party, a wedding or even corporate events? Shopping. You look for gifts, find meaningful items or just go for something useful yet beautiful. Something to decorate your home with, something to be a memorable gift or something to be a part of your travel bag, reminding you of home.

More often than not, you prefer going the Indian way, opting for handicrafts that would be classy, pretty and the best in your budget. Indian pottery over mosaic paintings, Bandhani sarees over French gowns, Rajasthani floor mats over American curtains and Pashmina Shawls over jackets.

However, you can’t sit in Bangalore with a corporate job and plan to fly over to the root Indian shops in Rajasthan or West Bengal.

The solution? Online Shopping.

Find the right product at the right price and have it delivered right at your doorstep. You can easily buy Indian handicrafts online and be worry free at home, waiting for the art to arrive.

Read, Research and Repeat

Online shopping is no minor feat. It comes with its own perks of at-home doorstep delivery, but it also requires the buyer to be extremely thorough and well-read. The fact that online shopping lacks the touch-feel experience, they make up for it with pictures and distinct item descriptions. Make sure that you research what type of Handicrafts do you want to buy, the material, the colour and even the size. Once sure, read the product description and go through multiple pictures before making a decision. Let’s say that you are looking to buy a woodwork pen stand. So, find the right shade, measure the space you have to keep one and also check the type of wood used before making a purchase.

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Reviews, feedbacks, and consults are mandatory

Along with knowing your product, it is vital that you know what others think about your possible purchase. Popular websites with reliable purchases usually have a customer review section for you to find the views of other buyers. Remember, you are someone who is planning to spend your money on say, an embroidered floor mat. The feedback section is filled with people who have not only spent that money but are also using the floor mat at home. That would give you the correct idea about the handicraft. Let’s say you want to buy a Banarasi Saree, reviews can help you figure out its material feel, whether it’s genuine or not and even suggestions about better options. This way, you know you did your share of the work before taking a final call.

Scroll, scroll, scroll till you finish

The best websites for Indian Handicrafts are always filled with so much variety and exquisite detailing; you would not want to miss out on anything if you want to shop. From table accessories, clothing, and home décor, each category has a curated set of options for you to look at. Get into the habit of scrolling, clicking and shortlisting items based on your requirements. It is always possible that you might have a particular colour in mind for a Phulkari kurti but find something better in another shade. Keep your mind open and your screen scrolling.

The end of the road delivery

After being absolutely sure and satisfied, you finally make a purchase. The products are then packed and shipped from the hometowns of cultures in various parts of India. A knock on your door and you find yourself digging to bring out the masterpiece. However, the story doesn’t end there. Make sure you check the product thoroughly, especially if it is a delicate item like a statue or a lantern. Don’t forget to review it and give your feedback on the website to help out your peers! Oh, also keep the packaging and use it if you plan to make a gift out of your order, protects the handicraft and even saves you money.

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Don’t forget, money well spent is happiness well served.

Now that you have a guide to ease out your process of buying Indian handicrafts online, Happy shopping!


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