Start The New Year Off Right With These Party Ideas
Start The New Year Off Right With These Party Ideas

There are moments that have something special in the air. New Year’s Eve would make it to the top of that list. It just doesn’t have to be that trivial! The days to come reflect on how the past year has made a different person out of you, it’s a time for resolutions, prayers and warm wishes. Families and friends hence all loved ones come together for good.

Everybody has their own sort of high for an evening like this — some couch potatoes would not want distractions to spoil their solace while for some a whim of fresh air might enthral the monotonous wit.  

Do you feel the stress of a not very happening New Year’s Eve? For the fun-loving spirit, thrills count a lifetime, big or small! Ride along spirit-animal you are on the right track

The following ideas might relieve you of the frenzy of the holiday season:


World’s most sought after and awaited attraction on the New Year’s Eve is spectating the canvas of colours on the stretch of the sky. A walk instead of the hassle of motor vehicles could break the unending annual ritual and could also let you experience the festivity first hand. If your life is too mechanical, a raw road adventure with every race celebrating unhinged, towards a perfect ending of midnight firework grandeur is a must.

Without the Fireworks to welcome the year to come, the night remains incomplete, and so the countdown begins.

The enthusiasts would prefer the New Year’s Eve in Sydney witnessing the Famous Opera House or the Harbor Bridge at midnight

or you could walk down the road to Burj Khalifa, Downtown, Dubai for the countdown and blast

You will walk back content this evening.


Somewhere along the way, we lose our touch with certain friends who belonged to your ‘best friend’s forever’ section; all worked up in today’s fast life. Is there a bad taste left to your friendship?

This could be the right time to reach out to them and plan a surprise party. After all the time spent with friends are the golden moments no matter how much you get, is still less.

You could relive your childhood memories by playing all the games that remain in your buried past for a long time now and will bring out the kid in you;

  • Hide and seek
  • Tag 
  • Marbles
  • Jump-Rope
  • Cat’s cradle
  • Hand clapping 

Eat all your childhood favourite street foods; popsicles, popcorns. Read bedtime stories and what not

Friends bring the best in you, and this experience would definitely prove to be rejuvenating while bringing all of you back together

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Passing by your favourite brands and shops daily and drooling over that diamond necklace at Cartier, or that iconic jewellery set at Tiffany and Co. Was there a dress probably that you had admired for a long time at Ralph Lauren or a Rolex watch?

Well, don’t lose all your hopes. Make a resolution, start saving for the great New Year’s Day Special Shopping Spree, and you have got plenty of time to save for that special gift you will present to yourself to brag about. After all, you have worked hard to pamper yourself once in a “lavish” while.


Nature arouses magic in our souls in such a way that no other pleasure could possibly create. The serenity and depth with which it conversates with a person could be the ultimate kick for our splendid New Year’s evening special.

Take a trip to hilly suburbs of your city or remote countryside where the cityscape and superstructures do not hinder the sight beyond limits. That is where you will find the most divine last twilight of last year and star gaze your eyes for delight until you reach the dawn of the January Morning. You can thank later for the inner peace that will remain for the whole year.


The best treatment that you could give to your nerves could be born out of the smile of your parents or younger siblings.

A healthy family bonding reflects through character and the effectiveness of your daily life energy.

If you have lacked that closeness with your family for a long time and you are unable to measure or decrease the distances. Choose a New Year’s Eve for the very task.

Plan a vacation particularly planned to match the preferences of your family. A perfect getaway for your parents and a nonstop gaming arena tour for the younger siblings. A spa day for you and your sisters and club night for your brother.

Could be a holiday planned at the Baha Mar (The Bahamas) with white sand beaches, crystal blue surf plenty of family-oriented activities. Baha Mar is a collection of three resorts (Rosewood Baha Mar, SLS Baha Mar and the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar). Situated only 290 KM away from Miami

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You could research an entire year to find the right place where you would want to spend your New Year’s Eve yet it could be right under your nose.

If spreading joy is what makes your day special, then believe in the fact that a joyful animal would make your entire year. Share your eve at an animal shelter and aid your own psychological well-being. They are lonely souls often discarded from daily households, while some need medical attention. The happiness that you would share by only petting them is beyond contexts.

The healing power of animals is so strong that it decreases the feeling of loneliness while keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol in control. They decrease the levels of triglycerides in your blood and are therapeutic to adults. 

You can research on the welfare societies and NGOs working on extinct, rare, injured or homeless animals help them with financial aid and spend your New Year’s Eve enjoying the sight of those thrilled animals. The gratitude is apparent on their faces, and the feeling of self-content will stay alongside for a very long time  

World Animal Protection Organization might provide you with the answer.


Each year brings a new chapter and meaning to your life. The New Year’s Evening should be spent resolving to spend the next year doing much better than the previous. May it be finding yourself the right kind of travel plans or the search for inner peace, it will, in turn, reflect over your days to come.

And it will surely be as they say in Mandarin: “ 新年快乐 Xīnnián kuàilè”, “A Happy New Year!”

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