Different Types of Bikinis

Finding the Perfect Micro Bikini for You

Spring is around the corner, and it is the best time to plan trips. Beaches are the best relaxing spot for you to visit in summers. Cool beach water makes you feel relaxed and takes away all the stress. Everything feels light and beautiful when the water strokes your body. However, you need a beautiful yet gracefully revealing bikini to let the water soothe your body. If you enjoy swimming then bikinis are your best friend. You can easily enjoy a good swim at the beach or in a pool with friends wearing cheeky bikinis in Australia.

You might find it very difficult to choose a bikini that goes with your body type and enhances your beach charm. A wrong type of bikini will make you feel chubby and not graceful. We yield an answer to your every bikini related concerns.

Following are some types of bikinis that you will make you look beautiful and provide comfort while swimming:

  • Triangle Bikini

You want to reveal your body more during the beach trip and look extra steamy? If yes, then you should go for Triangle Bikini. It has a strap that encircles your neck, and you tie a knot on the back of your neck. Women prefer triangle bikini because it looks fiery and gives you a look one can die for. You can wear it no matter what body type you have, it will look incredible either you are fat or skinny. 

  • Crop-top Bikini

If you have a cute little bosom and perfect collar bones, then you can pick the crop-top bikini because Crop-tops are in fashion nowadays. You can wear bikinis having lighter color combinations and brag a ladylike look with obvious hotness. We suggest you to not wear it if you have a broad posture.

  • Strapless Bikini

Do you want to reveal more of your body to prevent the strap marks that appear because of the suntan? Then you should select a strapless bikini. If you have an hourglass figure, then you can wear strapless bikini/bandeaukini. Do you desire an alluring bottom? You have made the right choice as it has straps in its panty and looks super sexy when you wear it. 

  • Ripple Bikini

It is a bikini that has straps on it and makes you look appealing and intriguing. If you like to go bold and beautiful, then this is the appropriate choice for you. With lots of straps around your neck, back, and thighs, it gives you a charm that attracts other people towards you.

  • Halter Top Bikini
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Do you like halter tops and wear them in routine? Halter tops are the most elegant dress ever! And if you get the access to the bikini that resembles the halter top, then we have no doubts about you being lucky. Halter top bikinis are suitable for curvy women and intensify the busty look with lots of class. If you are a curvy woman, then go flaunt your exquisite curves!

  • T-back Bikini

What will you do if the weather is too sultry and you require some excess air to breathe? Or you like exposing most of your body to the sun with an elegant and unique style? You should settle on T back bikini. It is a sleek design at your back and looks charming and tantalizing. You don’t have to worry about your body type because it will suit all body types, and the design on the back will let you shine at the beach.

  • One-piece Swimwear

Are you a person that prefers to conceal their body the most they can? You cannot cover your entire body on the beach, but we have an idea for you. You can wear a one-piece bikini. One-piece swimsuit suits every body shape, and you can flaunt your body as well. It retains various designs; side cuts, back slit and straps that tie at the back of the neck.

  • Tankini

If you love tank tops and want to wear them on the beach, so you put on tankini and slay on the beach. It is a modern style of bikini and looks ravishing. It suits most women with a heavy bust, but all the women can wear it. Tankinis never mislead anyone! Be the next style statement and set everything on fire with your beauty and fashion sense.

  • High-neck bikini

If you are a lover of beach sports and love surfing, then you must pick the high-neck bikini. High-necks are safe and suit all body shapes, so are the high-neck bikini. It covers your neck and bust and bestows you with a sophisticated look. If you are heavy, high-neck will support your body and help you participate in sports. Women with small bust look equally beautiful and refined as women with a heavy body.

10. High-waist Bikini

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If you have just popped out a baby out of you and your waist is full of stretch marks, then high-waist bikini is your go-to beach apparel. It is a fashionable and striking bikini design for women of every size. It covers the waist without hiding the beauty of a woman's body. It indeed is a considerable help for the expectant woman as it hides the shape of the unbalanced body. 

11. Trikini

Do you want to expose your body with the most creative style bikini? Try trikini; it is also recognized as, “a handkerchief and two small saucers. It is a bikini with three pieces of clothes that covers your body in a triangular shape. If you are skinny, you should select trikini and inspire the people around you. 

12. Skirtini

Women who like to dress up at every event obtain an option to wear on beaches. You are not isolated in this; many women want to wear less revealing bikinis and enjoy the beach. For all of you, we have a suggestion, select skirtini to glow in the beachy mornings. Skirtini is the combination of a hot bikini and a cute short skirt. It is best for thin waist women and looks appealing. 


You now have an idea of how to do your bikini shopping. All of these bikinis are trendy and available easily everywhere. You need to be more knowledgable about your body type while picking up a bikini. You should know your body measurements and the kinds of fabrics that you are allergic to. We don’t want you to make a false decision and end up buying a bikini that doesn’t suit you and makes you look awkward, making your beach trip a total waste. So, whether it is Miami or champagne beach, a right bikini will make you feel confident, bold and beautiful.


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