Best Mattress in India for Back Pain

How A Bad Mattress Affects Your Health?

Many people across the world are affected by chronic back pain and India is no different. Back pain not only causes issues during day time but also leads to sleep disruptions at night due to discomfort. It is thus essential to invest in the Best Mattress For Back Pain in India so that it can reduce the pain and aches and provide the much-needed comfort so that the sleeper wakes up feeling refreshed. On the other hand, a wrong mattress can increase the pain and lead to more issues. So while purchasing a new mattress people who have back pain should consider some factors. Some of them are listed below.

Mattress material

  • Memory foam: Studies conducted on people who own orthopaedic memory foam mattress shows that a large section state that they have felt a reduction in pain after sleeping on it. There are many pieces of research which also indicate that people with back problems wake up more refreshed after sleeping on memory foam mattress than other types. The reason could be because of the unique properties of memory foam like contouring to the shape of the sleeper and also softening of the foam leading to comfort due to body heat. The mattress with a high-density foam improves the spine alignment and also provides better support. 
  • Latex: A latex orthopaedic mattress offers greater bounce due to the spongy nature of the material and is also considered a good option for people with back problems. The mattress provides full body support and relieves tension from the pressure points and also improves spine alignment. 
  • Spring: Spring mattresses for orthopaedic relief is also popular in India as it offers total body support and the springs contour to the shape of the body. But as per customer feedback, memory foam mattress reviews are more positive than the spring mattress.

Firmness level: Mattress can be classified into different firmness level.

  • Firm mattress: It is believed that the firm mattress is best for the back, but may not be so for all cases as firmness is relative to the mattress manufacturers. It is best to test the firmness level that best suits your needs.
  • Medium to medium-firm mattress is also recommended by some doctors for back pain as it prevents the body from sinking too deep leading to pain. The body sinks just enough to relieve the pressure from the hips, shoulders, neck, and back. It is suited for side sleepers as it helps in spine alignment. 
  • Soft: It is the least recommended as the body sinks into the mattress and create more pressure on the joints causing discomfort. But they are good for stomach sleepers as there is less pressure on the pressure points. 

Body weight: The firmness that is ideal for a sleeper depends on body weight. People who are lightweight and weigh less than 130 pounds and sleep on the side should look for a medium-soft mattress. People who are heavyset and weigh more than 230 pounds should look for a medium-firm or firm mattress so that the body does not sink too deep and lead to discomfort. 

Budget: Your budget plays an important factor too while selecting the best mattress for back pain. Latex mattresses are effective for back pain but are expensive, the spring mattresses are inexpensive but can lose support after a few years. The best alternative is the memory foam mattress which is effective both in terms of cost and in terms of back pain relief. Many online retailers like Wakefit offer high-quality mattresses at affordable prices. 

A good night’s sleep is essential for the overall well-being of a person and hence when shopping for a new mattress spend some time to find the best option. 

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