5 signs depression is harming your relationships

Keeping the spark alive in your marriage – tips on a healthy relationship

In the modern day lexicon of any form of relationship – be it your friend, best friend, colleagues or your loved ones, sadly, depression is every next door. Don’t be blown when I tell you that as much as 17.3 million adults in the US have been through depression.

Yes, it takes a toll on most of the things you go through the day. But it’s not only you who suffers because of it. It is also the people around you and the close and intricate relationships that you have forged with them through the years.

Here are 5 pointers with which you can actually find out if depression is wreaking havoc in your life and relationships.

  1. Are you getting into petty arguments with the people you care for?

 Even when you are realizing that it was probably not that big a deal to react in a fashion which can almost jeopardize your relationship with that person.

We all have bouts where we are low and we tend to snap at even our well-wishers. We then later go on to question ourselves so as to why we reacted in the way we did, without any luck. That is normal and we all do that from time to time. But if it’s happening on a regular or semi-regular basis, maybe it’s time for you to sit back and check if something is wrong - if you are suffering from a mild form of depression.

  1. Are you always dreading waking up in the morning?

Are you always hoping you can get to sleep in through the day and not even get out of bed? Well, one reason for that could be a shitty job or the last day for the submission of the dreaded assignment that you didn’t even start. But, it can also be Depression.

Do you feel like shunning the outside world and be a social outcast? Be on a self-imposed exile? Don’t remember the last time you actually met up with your friends or picked up their calls?

And the worst bit is, you aren’t allowing your friends and families to help as you have almost cut them off.

  1. Are you taking care of yourself?
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For someone who was always impeccably dressed and always took pride in it, do you now often venture out to the bazaar in your worn out top and PJs with a crow nest of a hair-do?

Hot mess? Not really. Seriously giving off the vibe that you are homeless? Probably.

Do you seriously find it difficult to actually motivate yourself to dress up for a long-awaited hot date; something that would have hyped you up like a manic now suddenly feels pointless, you let your thoughts an iota of freedom and voila! You actually end up questioning the meaning or lack thereof of life. At the date, your date feels low when he realizes that you probably aren’t as excited in a night of fun around town, as he thought you would be.

  1. Are you changing with every passing day?

Do you often get to hear your mother or your best friend or even your boyfriend ask what had gotten to you, or why their chirpy little bird of joy is so quiet these days?

“I don’t even recognize you anymore” soon follows.

They can see the signs that you are probably suffering from depression. Cause they can see how you are withdrawing yourself from your social circle and how it’s ripping every relationship around you. 

  1.   Are you low on sex drive?

This one is solely reserved for the boyfriend or the girlfriend or the better halves. If your sex drive is suddenly at an all-time low, lower than even Bharat’s movie ratings, it can be a cause of concern.

The libido goes for a toss when you’re suffering from depression which can result in Premature Ejaculation in men and dryness of the Vagina in girls.

And admittedly, sex is, at the end of the day an important aspect of most relationships. Thus the sudden lack of it, especially for a prolonged period can put the relationships at a risk. Your boyfriend might think that you aren’t into him anymore and that can set the ball off rolling in a totally different direction.


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Depression is cancer to modern-day relationships. In 2017 an estimated 264 million people were detected of depression.

So check if you are actually suffering from depression, and if you are, act on a way to find a remedy for it and because it's certainly not going if you don’t take the necessary measures.

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