How to install a hidden security camera for best Home protection

A Guide to Choosing the Right Security Camera

Installing a hidden security camera can be tricky some time. Many people end up in making their hidden security camera an apparent security camera. Security cameras are the must have for  secure home now a days.

This is because of either of the two reasons.

  1. The user is not smart enough in finding out the best way.
  2. The company has not made a proper hidden security camera, it size and tools are not of any help.

With thee passage of time burglars are advancing in tackling cctv surveillance barriers. This is why hidden home security cameras are the need of the time.

Installing hidden cameras for surveillance and security purposes is more secure and reliable because of the following reasons.

  • They are not apparent.
  • They are wire free thus burglars would not be able to cut their connection.
  • Easy to install, an average person can set them up with ease.

Steps of mounting a hidden security camera

The most crucial thing about a security system is the place of the security cameras and the direction of lenses.

Think of the best spot:

  • The very first step before setting up the hidden security camera you have to think about the perfect spot at your place, that is safe from any kind of risk. Whatever comes out to be the best place make sure that it is safe from any physical and visual obstruction.

Visual obstruction can be because of glare or reflection or some cupboard.

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Avoid placing your hidden security cameras between two walls. This will enhance the rate of glare, any polished surface such as cupboards and glass tables can also cause visual obstruction.

  • If you want to use your hidden security camera then you can find a place outside your window or door, but make sure that it is not so exposed.
  • If you are planning to have it as an indoor security camera for your office or living area then vases are a good option if only you are apt in setting antiques.

Take care for the sound quality

A number of cameras are two way sound systems, but this can be little tricky too. Many people end up sett9ing their cameras in such a way that the sounds are almost inaudible. Instead of finding faults in the camera, make sure that you have placed the camera in an audible sound range.

  • Do not place the camera near any noisy location, for example do not fit your security camera near a television or a radio, even if you are setting it in your children’s room try to place it away from their beds otherwise their electronic devices would not let you hear a bit.
  • If you are placing it indoor and your monitored to be place is near a sofa or a couch then it is advisable to have the camera near furniture.
  • Do not place it near sinks, running waters can also obstruct the voice quality.
  • If you are thinking it as your car’s security camera then do not ever put it near the speaker. Other wise you will end up with only visuals.

Ethernet modem, soul for your security camera

Ethernet connection defines your security camera’s range. Hidden security cameras are often wireless that is why the storage systems are mostly cloud storages. Secondly the push notifications and alarms will also work through internet connections.

  • Make sure that your hidden security camera is placed near the wifi.
  • There must be minimum electronic devices in the room where there is wifi and the camera.
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Gather all the tools

  • Before starting off, make sure that you have got all the required tools.
  • Download the application, or get a laptop or computer for getting notifications and live videos.
  • Do not forget to follow the instructions on the guide given by the company.
  • On any problem call the customer care service, many a times people do not care about calling the customer care instead they call on some technician, this will cost them quite a lot.

Check about the legality of hidden cameras in your region.

Many people complain that they were fined for having hidden camera. There are different rules for hidden cameras in their region.

A smart user will always consult some professional or would check some government’s official site for gathering knowledge about the legality of hidden security cameras.

Laws for audio recording are also very different and sometimes weird. Nevertheless you have to abide by the rules in order to make your place a safe heaven.

Making holes in the housing equipment.

  • If you are planning to have your hidden security camera inside some home appliances, make sure that those are only fake appliances .
  • Tin coverings of some old computers can do the work for you, before cutting your fake covering make accurate measurements .

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