Relive your childhood again with traditional Rice Kheer

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There are days when we wish totake a break from our fast-moving lives and feel nostalgic about our childhood days. Whenever there was any happy occasion, festival or family get-together, we used to wait for the meal to finish just relishingmuch-awaited rice kheer. Today, we bring you the easiest and delicious recipe of rice kheer

Ingredients you will need to make rice kheer 

Finely chopped dry fruits – ½ cup

Raw rice – 40-50g

Cardamom powder (optional) – 4 pinches

Milk – 1L

Saffron – ½ tablespoon (optional)

Nestlé MILKMAID – 400g

How to make kheer?

Follow these four easy steps and your favorite, mouth-watering rice kheer would be ready in no time. 

  1. Boil milk in a non-stick pan and add the washed raw rice in the milk. Cook the mixture until the rice softens. 
  2. Keep stirring the milk so that it doesn’t stick to the surface of the utensil. 
  3. Once the rice is cooked properly, add Nestlé MILKMAID to the kheer and mix well. 
  4. Finally garnish your delicious rice kheer with chopped dry fruits, cardamom powder, and saffron. 

Once you are done with the preparation, you can let your kheer set in the fridge and serve it cool.

Apart from the rice kheer recipe, we have also mentioned how to make Makhana kheer. Read on to learn about this recipe. 

Makhana Kheer- Navratri special 

Don’t you enjoy feasting over delicious delicacies during the festive season? If yes, why don’t you try cooking something new this season? Learn to cook the most loved Indian dessert, Makhana Kheer, and grab all the praises for being a good cook. 

Ingredients you will need to prepare Makhana kheer

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Finely chopped dry fruits – ½ cup

Roasted Makhana – 40-50g

Cardamom powder (optional) – 3 pinches

Milk – 1L

Saffron – ½ tablespoon (optional)

Nestlé MILKMAID – 400g

How to make Makhana kheer

  • Dice Makhana or simply grind it roughly in the mixer.
  • Pour milk in the pan and bring it to boil. Once the milk is boiled, add the roasted Makhana and continue stirring the kheer.
  • Once you find that the kheer has reached the desired consistency, then Nestlé MILKMAID. Keep stirring. 
  • Take out kheer in a serving bowl; garnish it with dry fruits and cardamom powder. 

Now allow the kheer to set in the refrigerator and serve it chilled. 

If you love to cook, you should try cooking these recipes. We bet your family and friends are going to love the rice kheer and makhana kheer made by you.


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