How to Select a Dog?

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Are you lonely and feel the urge to have a furry friend? But, bringing home a pet is no joke. The decision of getting a new pet is no different from planning to have a child. It’s a big decision that comes with a ton of responsibilities. Just like the kids, pets to require pampering, attention, timely vaccinations, bathing, feeding and proper training, So, it’s necessary to be mentally and financially prepared before taking a step forward.

Known since ages, dogs are a man’s best friend. Owning a dog is a venture guaranteed to bring in happiness as you would always have a loyal companion by your side to cheer you up, by licking your cheek to show you the much-needed affection. When considering to buy a dog, one must research properly to find out the right one among the available dog breeds in India. Speaking to breeders and other pet parents can help. It's better to opt for low-maintenance and budget-friendly breeds as one could then will be able to afford to provide it with a better life.

Factors to bear in mind while choosing a dog:

1)    The climate plays an important role in the maintenance of dogs. India being a tropical country with mostly sunny weather year-round, harsh summers with a spell of monsoon and winter, dog breeds in India with less hair adapt well to it.

Short-hair pedigreed breeds such Labrador, pug or dachshund and purely Indian dog breeds like Kombai, Jonangi or Chippiparai must be given preference, as their hair doesn’t fall much and also dries quickly. Dogs with long fur suffer the most with hair fall during harsh summers and their coats take longer dry during the monsoon.

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2)    It’s natural for novice pet parents to go for the looks of certain breeds, but the behaviour is an important factor to look out for before selection of a dog. Every breed has its own temperament, nature and special behavioural characteristics. Some breeds are aggressive and loyal only to their master. They make great watchdogs. Most breeds are moderately social to the housemates as well as the visitors. They are good companions. Few other breed dogs are over-friendly even with strangers. They are meant for cuddling, playing and treating like family throughout their lives.

3)    All dogs are unique and special in their own way, but being mindful of the purpose of getting it, makes the process of selection way easier. Whether you are looking for a hunting dog, a guard dog, a companion dog or a cuddly arm candy, determines which dog breed in India could meet your requirement. Pure breeds have historical origins that regulate their distinct abilities, making them fit for performing specific tasks.

4)    Pedigreed dogs come with a history of being susceptible to particular types of diseases associated with their progeny. Having knowledge of a pet’s medical history helps in better prediction of diseases, thus ensuring better treatment and care.

5)    The location of your house matters too. Some dog breeds are accustomed to living in mountainous regions, suburbs or rural areas as they need more space to perform physical activities. Enclosing them within four walls deteriorates their limbs due to lack of activity. When petting such canines, ensure 30 minutes of activity multiple times a day.

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Though numerous pet parents, providing good lives to their pedigreed canines, several stray dogs in India die of starvation and dehydration each day. They have no shelter to hide from the sun and rain, no food except the litter they find in the garbage and stagnant water to drink. Befriending such a miserable dog, and assuring him of food security and shelter can be an emotionally rewarding experience. This is the sole reason behind raising slogans of “ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!”, however, the decision is all yours! Hope you this article has enlightened you on how to select dog breeds in India. Wish you happy petting!


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