Diabetes Causes Weight Loss and BSA Calculator

Serious About Losing Weight? Here Are Some Of The Things To Consider

Insulin, a hormone that is secreted from the pancreas, is a regulator of increased blood glucose level. When the blood glucose level rises beyond a limit, insulin is secreted, which has a negative feedback upon glucagon. The insulin makes the glucose get into the cells and as a result, energy is provided to the body. Hence, it is convenient to say that insulin a factor which helps in glucose metabolism in the body.

Diabetes is a condition in which the insulin level in the body is not secreted in a normal level. It is a condition caused when the insulin level in the body declines and the pancreas does not produce insulin even when the body requires it. Diabetes are further divided into 3 types depending upon the situation of the body. Gestational diabetes, diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2.


Countless people complain about losing weight due to diabetes. If an individual is suffering from a medical condition which either causes the gain of weight or the loss of weight, the maintenance of weight is not an easy thing to do. simply because so many factors inside the body tend to enforce the body to work oppositely.

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When it comes to unexplained weight loss, the condition is more common among people suffering from type 1 diabetes. However, type 2 diabetes might also fall a prey to this condition.


The body requires a sufficient amount of glucose into the cells per day to maintain its daily energy intake. Energy is needed by the body to perform a number of different metabolic activities. Shortage of insulin prevents the cells from the intake of glucose. The result is the body running short on energy. To fulfill the energy requirement and to maintain the functioning normally, the body tends to turn to the muscles for energy. As a result, there is muscle breakdown and hence, energy is released.
The muscle breakdown results in a decrease in weight.
Moreover, a person’s body becomes dehydrated due to the frequent urination and loss of water.


The answer to this is yes. Many people only get to know about their diabetes once they excessively or abnormally start losing weight. As a person loses excessive muscle during the process, hence it is a dangerous condition. Other conditions which might accompany the weight loss are dehydration, slowdown in the healing process of cuts, dry and itchy skin and so much more.


Body surface area is a term very vital for not only the health experts but also for the doctors, as the term is not only used for weight point of view but holds medical importance as well. This is because the BSA value calculates the drug dosage of a person. The adequate drug dosage making sure that the person isn’t under or overdosed. Moreover, the term also holds importance over all the other weight related terms such as BMI, because it doesn’t only target the adipose tissue of the body, rather the whole body is concerned.

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As the term is so important, these have been developed calculators which facilitate in the efficient calculation of the BSA calculator. A particular one which is the one mentioned below. It can be used at calculators.tech.


The calculator, being very simple to use, only requires the information about your height and weight. The outlook is mentioned below.

However, both the values are a MUST to put into the calculator and you just cannot calculate your desired value without mentioning any one of these. Moreover, the calculator also gives you the option of inter converting the units of your height and weight for your convenience.


It completely removes the chances of you making mistakes with the use of the calculator. It is free to use and 100% accuracy is ensured.

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