Why Pre-Employment Test is Crucial?

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Every passing day brings a new slot of entrepreneurs in the market. With the diversity of production and innovative ideas, new products and services are being introduced. This, in turn, creates versatility in employment opportunities. This phenomenon is essential to fill the vacuum of jobs.

Practically a single vacancy receives thousands of applications. Conducting this much of interviews is not possible for any organization. The suitable candidates are shortlisted using different procedures. The pre-employment test is one of them. The pre-employment test is a more practical method to scrutinize job applicants. It is the process to evaluate the proficiency of an applicant. It acts like

Finding the best seed to cultivate the perfect”

Hiring the best personnel leads to the desired output. It is no more undoable to shortlist candidates prior to the face-to-face interview. The pre-employment test helps the manager to cope up with this problem. Many firms are providing these services, among all the Berke assessment is more equipped with specific and functional tools.

WHY? The answer to the why segment of the heading is that such tests highlight those areas of the personality of a candidate that are not possible to unveil in general interviews.


The first and the foremost need for such a test is, to obtain reliable information. The pre-employment test brings out the factual knowledge about a candidate as compared to the resumes which provide mostly the fabricated information. The basic requirement for hiring is to analyze the insight of the applicant.

This test helps to gather certain non-general information, such as


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It is of utmost importance to know about the psychological strength of a candidate, a well-crafted test is a source of help. Psychologists have approved that the pre-employment test generates the most relevant data about the applicant, which helps to predict the efficiency and productivity of that applicant.


The pre-employment test is pivotal in the hiring process. It constructs the base to evaluate the applicant’s command over his subject of specialty. It is hardly possible to assess subject specialization in one sitting. Through the test, it becomes easier for the employer to have a clear vision.

Ability to understand

This test focuses on the ability of an applicant to understand. This test reflects the cognitive abilities of the candidate. It is all about how one applies his knowledge and intelligence to answer the queries. 

Strategic thinking

Case study solving can assess an employee’s strategic skills, his attitude towards learning and structuring the ideas and advocating his strategies with the provision of all pros and cons.

The pre-employment test is necessary to observe that how self-driven and self-motivated a person is? It also checks the optimistic approach and enthusiasm of the candidate towards setting and achieving goals. Evaluation of strategic thinking is crucial for an employee to be, so he could add up in making more effective strategies.

Problem-solving ability

In the day to day process of a business number of problems occurs. A person with excellent problem-solving abilities is an asset to the organization. Pre-employment tests assess employee’s mental skills along with analytical skills through different tasks. Such assessments are not possible in verbal interviews.

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