4 Tips of a Perfect Gift Selection for Newborn Babies

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Gifts are generally meant for showing your affection and surprising someone with joy. In friendship, family and love relations, there are countless options for gifts that you can avail in the local shops or at online stores. However, the selection of the gift for a newborn kid is something different. They don’t know who are you or what are you presenting but your gift can provide them great comfort. If you want to welcome a baby, it is advisable to assort gift box with soft toys, clothes and grooming kits. However, identification of a genuine company is the biggest issue because the kid’s skin is very delicate and sensitive to the outer environment. Anything harsh and synthetic may result in rashes and allergic reaction s on their skin. Here are some considerable tips that you need to follow while buying gifts for kids.

Tips to find the right gift for newborn babies

  • Find a dedicated manufacturer for kids products

You cannot trust any random brand for the attires of kids. Many companies release their collections including kids, adults, ladies and gents. In these companies, you cannot expect the adequate standard for kids. Search for the companies that specifically manufacture accessories and clothes for kids. They have local franchise stores or websites for selling their products. In a kids store, you will find clothes and toys ranging from kids of 0 to 12 years. Before going with an option, always check their reputation. Some genuine reviews & rating websites can give you an idea regarding choosing or rejecting. Also, check the ranking of their website in your locality to make sure that people are trusting on a particular brand.

  • Always prefer 100% organic cotton clothing
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If you want to welcome newborn baby with cozy and comfortable clothes, always check the quality standards. Read the label to confirm that clothes are made with 100% pure cotton rather than mixing any polyester. The cotton must be organic only. Clothes made with Egyptian cotton are considered much superior to normal cotton because of the feel of comfort. Ask the seller to show the clothes that are made with Egyptian cotton if possible.

  • All natural ingredients in grooming kits

Kids also need grooming right after their birth. For bathing, moisturizing and hair cleaning, 100% organic grooming kit is essential. Their shampoos, body wash and other products must be made with natural oils. Read the label to confirm that it is hypoallergenic and toxin-free.  sulfates, animal by-products, chlorine, triclosan, formaldehyde, parabens, phosphates, petroleum-based ingredients dyes, or caustics are some prohibited ingredients that you cannot allow on the skin of a newborn baby.

  • Soft fiber and wooden toys

Always avoid rubber, plastic and other synthetic material if you want to welcome the new baby with toys. Babies put everything in their mouth for sucking and chewing. Consequently, harmful toxins may imply adverse impacts on their health. Make sure that the fiber used in soft toys is made with the same cotton that you expect in clothes. If you are buying solid toys, try to find something made of wood. There should be soft edges and no harmful toxic paints for embellishment.

In short, the gifts and toys you are buying must be toxins-free and organic. Always go with the option of a brand that is committing 100% organic products. The baby may don’t know what is it, but they will surely feel the comfort. Next time when you search for a kids accessories shop, don’t forget to check their authenticity.

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