Things You Need to Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

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Moving to a new home can be the most exciting or most stressful experience of your life. To have a painless move is to prepare a bullet –proof moving plan ahead of time. To move to a new home and maintain your sanity and also have some fun doing it the following steps will guide you through.

Prepare For Your Move

In preparing for your move, the following steps should be taken.


Get Rid Of The Things You Do Not Need

Firstly, access your things to know what you are taking with you to the new house and what you are leaving behind at the old house. There are so many reasons why some things can and should be left behind while moving your house. Some of these reasons include the new house could be smaller, you could be moving in with someone with nicer version of things, you could just be ready to get rid of old things you do not need. To get rid of your old things, the following steps should be taken

  • Measure the space in every room in the new house to help you to know what furniture can fit in and which would not.
  • Sell the things you do not need in time before your moving date as this will enable the buyers to pick up the things they bought in time before you actually move to the new house.
  • Donate the things you do not need. Things like your old clothes and shoes will be useful to someone else.
  • Have a yard sale. This is one of the greatest ways to get rid of a lot of things in one fell swoop. You can advertise your moving sale if you feel like foot traffic in your area isn’t that steady.
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Step 2

Pack For The Move

Packing your things might take a long time but as long as you are organized and you have a good plan ahead, it shouldn’t consume your life. You can start packing at least a few weeks in advance so that you can have enough time to pack every of your property. Here is how to pack your things for your move

  • Get Your Cardboard Boxes Ready: You will need more cardboard boxes than you think. You can get them for free from a local grocery shop, find them under free stuff or things, also you can get them from a friend who recently moved, or just buy them if you want to save time.
  • Label All Your Boxes: You should write where each box should go on the tops and on the sides of the boxes, so that you will know where the box should go even if they are stacked on top of each other.
  • Pack A Box For Essential Items: you can do this on the morning or night before your move. The box should include all your bathroom necessities such as your toothbrush, paste, shampoo, soap, rods, curtains, towels as well as your overnight essentials such as pillows, blankets, and bedspreads.
  • Keep Your Hardware In A Safe Place: Make sure you tool box is on hand so that you can start assembling your furniture again. You can keep your tool box in your essential box or at the cabin your packing truck or car.
  • Pack All The Items That Are Going To The Same Room In One Box: do not separate your books from notebooks since they will both go into the home library or office. Just make sure to put everything that goes to the same part of your room in one box.
  • Keep Essential Paperwork Close: hold on to any paperwork that is related to your old house, new house and the moving process entirely. Do not pack them together with the other items so that you will be able to find them in a pinch.

Step 3

Set Up The Utilities In Your New House Before Moving

Call ahead and make sure you have all the utilities in place in your new house before moving. Utilities include water, gas, electricity, TV, internet, home security and refuse. You will also need to coordinate some services once you move into the new house. Some of the services

  • Address Change: you will need to change your address through the USPS website as well as anything registered under the old address. For example, you will need to change the address on your insurance, banking, or car licenses and registration.
  • Places To Locate: you would need to locate the nearest hospital, fire station, police station, post office, library, school, public transportation, village hall, and country government.
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Step 4

Ask Some Friends For Help In Advance

Ask some of your trusted friends for help in advance. Whether your friends are heroically helping you move all of your boxes or they are just hanging out for moral support, you should let them know when you are moving. You can tell them in advance by sending them an email or giving them a call asking for their help on your moving day. Make sure to reward your friends after helping you.

How to Move To a New House

You can either move by yourself, or move with a moving company.

Moving By Your Self

If you are moving your things to your new house by yourself, you might need to do the following to accomplish the task ahead of you

  • Hire a removals van or truck
  • Pack your moving truck
  • Drive your truck to your new location
  • Unload your things and
  • Return the rented truck.

Moving With A Moving Company

To use a moving company, all you need to do is to

  • Research to find the best company
  • Check if the company you have selected is legitimate
  • Have the company come to make an assessment of you things
  • Make a good deal with the moving company
  • Go along with them on your moving day
  • When the movers are unloading your things stay out of their way unless they have questions
  • Reward them for a nice job done

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