Things to keep in mind before moving into a Shared Accommodation

Moving into shared accommodation is an exciting and fun experience as you can meet new people and explore places. But it can become daunting as it is different from moving with your partner.

There are certain things you need to consider when moving in the shared accommodation. We advise you to prepare a checklist of tasks to make your move successful. This helps you finish important tasks on time.

  1.    Set Expectations Right

You need to consider many things when moving to a shared house. The foremost thing to consider is the price and location.

Do you want to travel to work or are happy to cover a walking distance? The closer proximity to the city may make the rent expensive but it may be worth if you don’t like to spend money on traveling.

If you are fine with traveling then find out how close public transports are available and the mode you prefer to travel. Remember, you also need to pay bills and rent every month, so make sure to consider all these points. Additionally, you need to buy furniture and household goods if you are moving away from home.

Take your time to look for a roommate as they make your experience less stressful.

  1.    Make a Detailed Profile

You need to share useful information to increase the chances of getting a perfect match. Obviously, you don’t want to write an essay but three detailed paragraphs will work. Some important things you need to include are:

  • When you can move in
  • How long you will stay
  • Your age, occupation and a couple of interests

Of course, you don’t want to waste time looking at incomplete room listing. In the same way, people looking for flatmates don’t want to waste their time looking at empty profiles.

  1.    Search is the Key
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After making the listing, you have to search for an ideal room. The best places are taken within a few days after posting. The key to securing a perfect room is messaging proactively. The more people you contact, the more options you will have. Just don’t let your profile sit somewhere waiting for others to contact you.

  1.    Meet your New Roommates

Your part just doesn’t get over when you inspect the room, making your potential roommates is another important part. Don’t try to impress people or act cool with them. People want you to come across as a sane person before they know about your crazy interests and habits.

Spend some time with them and don’t just rush to any decision as you want to make sure they are a good fit. You can even schedule a second meeting if you are unsure whether to commit to the share house.

  1.    Don’t Shy Away from Asking Questions

You should feel free to ask your potential roommates questions. This can be as trivial as how to divide cleaning duties or signing a lease. You should be comfortable and prepared with the arrangement before committing anything.

  1.    Dealing with Logistics is Crucial

It’s important to work out the logistics after you have settled in a room with your new roommates. You should keep everything in writing like:

  • What if they leave before the agreed period?
  • How rent and expenses will be paid?

Writing everything down means you have a record of everything that you have agreed upon.  It’s best to get gritty details out of your way before you move in and enjoy the new life.

7. Hiring Professional Movers

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You should think about hiring a professional removalist company to significantly cut the time and safeguard your belongings. Trained professionals will do the work for you while you can concentrate on finding and knowing your roommates in a better way.

You may be thinking about doing it yourself but hiring professional movers is a better idea as it saves you time and energy, helps prevent any injuries during the move and lets you focus on other important matters.

  1.    Settle in Your New Home

Find a map to know your neighborhood such as finding routes to work or college, shopping and visiting friends. It may be a good time to set up for new activities that you were planning to join such as the local basketball team.

There are a lot of things you need to consider when moving into shared accommodation. Taking a step back can help you see the bigger picture and focus on every aspect of your move. Hopefully, these tips will help you pull off a successful move to a shared house.

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