7 Important Packing Tips to Remember Before Moving Day

The most crucial factor that makes people dread about relocation is packing and unpacking. Both of this takes up a massive chunk of your time leaving you with very little time to attend other important work. However, with a little planning and inputs for packing efficiently, you can actually make a difference to your packing time, save your things from damages and most importantly, not lose your mind over it!

Even if you have hired professional removalists for transportation, their responsibility is to carry your packed boxes into the truck and carry them back to your new place. Every other detail about the relocation has to be taken care of by you unless you hire these movers for packing too. If you want to get away from all the relocation stress, then you can pay a bit more and hire a professional moving company for packing your things from scratch.

In case if you have taken upon yourself to pack all your stuff, then here are a few tips to get all your things safely packed before moving day.

Do A Pre-Shoot

Sometimes, we dismantle the furniture, plug out the electronics and pack them all safe. However, only when you try to fit them back together at the new place do we realize that we do not have a clue how! So before you get packing things into boxes, take clear pictures of all your electronic items and furniture. This will serve as a reference when you are trying to piece them at your new home.

Create A ‘First Day In’ Box

This is one of the things we tend to forget amid all the moving and packing frenzy. Hence don’t forget to do it at the start of your packing itself. All it takes is a few minutes and this will save you from much chaos when you are unpacking.

Just take a box and put in all the things that you will need once you move to the new place. It may be new clothes, basic toiletries, towels, coffee powder, coffee mugs and so on. Ensure that all these items come in one box. Try not to make it more than one box; else it will make the underlying reason pointless.

Use A Naming System for Labelling The Boxes

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Your friend may tell you all about this colour code system she used with 12 different colours to make packing easy for her. The main point of coming up with a labelling system to make unpacking easy for you. If you are confused in your system, then there is no point in it.

Hence, do not go by the systems that others have. Instead, choose one yourself. It may be a simple system of just writing the name of the things on the boxes and the room where it comes from. Alternatively, you can have a numbering system to number the boxes and write the things it has in a separate paper. Choose a labelling system you are comfortable with and something that will help you unpack soon.

Here’s a short video on how you can colour code your moving boxes easily: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOQjBHfufKM

Keep Your Clothes in Drawers

You cannot pack every piece of clothing you own a week before the move. Instead, take out a few clothes for the next few days and pack everything else in the boxes. A day or two before the moving day when you are packing wardrobes, cabinets and tables, use the drawers to place the remaining clothes you have. This will save you significant space and from last-minute packing of clothing.

If you have toiletries or any unbreakable stuff that you need till the last minute, you can also pack them in the drawers by taping them to the bottom of the drawers.

Make Handles in The Boxes

You may have packed all the things in the boxes efficiently. However, come the moving day; it will be difficult for you to lift and move the boxes without any hold. Hence, use a sharp knife or a box cutter to make handles on the side of the boxes so that it can be easily lifted.

Do Not Pack Hazardous Materials

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Sometimes, we may not want to waste the things we bought like the new bathroom cleaner or window washer. However, these are hazardous materials which can react in a closed, turbulent and pressurized atmosphere which is exactly how it will be inside the box. It could cause such hazardous materials to burst out of the containers, spilling and spoiling everything nearby.

Therefore, before you pack the hazardous materials to save a few bucks, consider how much you will lose if anything untoward happens.

Place The Breakable and Lighter Boxes Above

When you are coordinating with professional removalists, there are possibilities that the boxes of chinaware could be kept below the massive box of books leading to breakages. Hence, as you pack, keep such breakable and lighter boxes, that need should be kept above, separately and marked properly to ensure that it is easy for the movers. This simple step will also save you from damaging your valuable stuff.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the packing at the last minute. These tips should help you with the impending task of getting everything packed before moving day. If you’re still intimidated by the prospect of handling this huge task by yourself, it is okay to give up and get the help of professional removalists to help you with packing and relocation.

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