3 Best Mattress Brands in 2019

When buying a mattress, the main demand of a person is comfort, then comes reasonable price and then the person looks for the other qualities of the mattress.

We have 3 best mattress brands for you to buy in 2019. You can choose for yourself among these. The brands I am going to talk about are:

  • Casper Sleep
  • Zinus
  • Sealy Corporation

Casper Sleep:

Casper sleep was founded in 2014. As being a not so old brand, is it worth buying? In short, yes. But in long, Casper has 2 main categories of mattresses which come in all sizes for single, double and king sized beds. The categories include:

1 - The Casper Mattress

2 - The Essential Mattress

The Casper Mattress:

The Casper mattress comes with 4 layers of premium foam. It has a zip-off knit cover which can be washed easily. The shape of it allows spine alignment. As it supports pressure points, it does not get pierced inside when you lie down on it. It has the perfect amount of density.

A noticeable quality of it is that it has small pores, which allow the heat to escape. Thus, it makes you feel cool and comfortable and prevents sweating.

Casper also offers 100 night trial so you can try for over 3 months and if you feel like it is not working for you, you can return it. It comes with 10 years of warranty.

The Essential Mattress:

Casper's essential mattress collection is new. It consists of two layers. The upper layer is soft whereas bottom one is dense which provides comfort but also keeps your spine straight. It also has an easily washable cover. The other features are similar to The Casper Mattress. It is much inexpensive than Casper Mattress and the main reason of it is that it has 2 layers instead of 4.


The Casper Mattress starts from £400 and ends at £800. The £400 mattress is single 9*190 cm whereas, the £800 one is super king sized 180*200 cm.

The Essential Mattress as I mentioned above is cheaper. It starts from £275 and ends at £550.


Zinus Company was founded in 1979 but the mattresses started in around 2003. Zinus is more of an affordable brand of mattress. It is much inexpensive as compared to Casper. Many of the Zinus Mattresses contain green tea and hybrid cooling gel. The green tea helps you relax and makes you feel extra comfortable.

It has more variety as well. It has two distinctive types:

1 - Memory Foam Mattress

2 - Spring Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress:

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The layers of Memory Foam Mattress depend upon the size you choose. 12'' has 4 layers. 8 and 10" have 3 layers and 6'' has 2 layers. The 12" has two egg crate support foams at the bottom, then comes the transition layer and on the top comes the foam.

The egg crate support foam is added in all the sizes so you don't need to worry as it will provide the necessary comfort, support and will reduce pressure points.

Its cover is thin and not really the best one but it is recommended that it must not be removed as it will affect the durability. It gives a 10 year warranty like Casper.

The most famous and reliable memory foam is the Green Tea Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress which has green tea and active charcoal. It is designed in a way that it allows air to flow through it. It also allows a 100 night trial.

Spring Foam:

The spring foams have 4 components in the 10" mattress. The top layer is a gel memory foam. Then comes the comfort foam. Then comes its main feature i.e. the pocketed springs and in the bottom is a thin layer of high density foam.

The most famous spring foam is Cooling Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress. It has two thickness types. One is 10" and the other is 12". It has the same warranty of 10 years.


The Memory Foams start from $101 and end at $411 whereas, the Spring Foams start from $112 and end at $434 depending upon the type, size and thickness.

The price range of Zinus Mattresses is way less than Casper. In the competition of Zinus vs Casper, Zinus clearly wins as it has almost all the features of Casper but has reasonable price range.

Sealy Corporation:

Sealy was founded in 1881. It is one of the oldest brands of mattress. It is more of a high-end brand. It has a total of three main lines:

1 - Response Line

2 - Conform Line

3 - Hybrid Line

All of these three lines have three collections of mattresses which are Essential, Performance and Premium.

The Essential Collection is the most affordable one in Sealy. The Performance Collection has more features and is pricier. Lastly, The Premium one has all the features that a person would want but due to its wide range of features, it is the most expensive collection.

It comes with a variety of sizes as well.

Response Line:

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The main difference in Response Line is that it consists of innersprings. It has precisely engineered coils. The top layer is made with air foam, gel foam or gel memory foam depending upon the collection you choose.

Conform Line:

Conform Line has memory foam mattresses. It consists of 4 layers of foam. The base of all Conform Foams is made with gel foam.

Hybrid Line:

This foam has both innersprings and memory foams with support of Posturepedic Technology which prevents discomfort on your pressure points. It has a cooling technology.


As being a high-end brand, Sealy is the most expensive among Casper, Zinus and Sealy.

  • The Response Line starts from $499 and ends at $1,499.
  • The Conform Line starts from $699 and ends at $2,099.
  • The Hybrid Line starts from $1,099 and ends at $1,999.


If you are looking for all the possible features that a mattress can have, then surely Sealy is the one for you. But if you want something that is less expensive then you should go for Casper or Zinus. Casper has many features that Sealy does. And Zinus has many features that Casper does though Zinus is more inexpensive. The answer to the question Casper vs Zinus is up to you, your demands and requirements.

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