Breitling Colt Series Packed with Innovative Features

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Breitling Colt watches are masterpieces with superb infrastructural beauty. These timekeepers don’t fail to track time perfectly. Awe-inspiring boldness in chronographic dials enables brave soldiers to do their jobs on time. They are punctual and disciplined. They need special timepieces and this classic Colt model makes them proud.  

Colt Chronograph with SuperQuartz Movement

The revolution in the chronograph watches takes place.  These Colt chronographic watches have thermocompensated SuperQuartz, top/bottom totalizers, fast time zone resetting, calendar, date and sub-dials.  Breitling Colt watches have majestic unidirectional rotating bezels which are resilient with satin brushed décor. The bezels have hour markers.  4 rider tabs on the bezels are innovative. Million maverick guys like to use chronomat dials with steel or ceramic bezels. Breitling Colt timepieces have durable cases, durable lugs, bracelets and chronographic dials. The contemporary decoration of the Colt model is naturally attractive. The performance of the watches is remarkable. The water resistance capability is 660 feet. The cool colors and glossy designs of these watches attract elite people. Find the latest Colt watches in different colors ranging from Volcano Black, Stratus Silver and Mariner blue. If you don’t like to wear watch with the bracelet, replace it with leather strap. The 2014 Colt collection offers few new features. For instance, the super quartz movement enhances the time tracking accuracy. The movement of hours and minute hands are perfect comparing to conventional quartz movement.  At the same time, Colt timepiece has the durable crown with locked screws. The bright ergonomic steel case of the watch has lifelong longevity.

Classic Dial

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Colt Automatic II watch is designed with a beautiful silver dial. It is suitable to people to see hour markers and minute hands on the crystal clear dial. The stick marker dial is oversized and it helps someone to read the time comfortably. People admit that the transparent dials don’t glare or flash excessively to strike the eyes. Luminescent radiance of the dial energizes  users to wear the watch. It is the best timepiece for diver or military personnel. These top watches of Colt series are popular because of marvelous cool design and of course fantastic firmness. Therefore the watches are much more durable. In addition, few top colt brands have Cyclop date display window frame, hour markers, notches and glossy hour/minute hands with the attractive bezels. You need to look at the top 4 innovative models to evaluate the Colt series. There are Lady in 33mm, Colt Automatic, Colt Quartz and Colt Chronograph measuring 44 mm in diameter. All these four watches have hour markers, unidirectional rotating bezels and prominent Breitling signature with the superb satin brush finishing.

Colt watches have again been brought in the market after 1980. Now, new models have more accuracy in keeping time, wonderful design good sturdiness and overall artistic craftsmanship. Before hitting the market, these watches have undergone tests and trials. These timepieces are both resilient and colorful. The steel made structures of the watches are highly resistant to scratches. The rust free classic Colt watches must improve your lifestyle.

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