Top 5 Indian rugs for homes


One of the most basic yet important elements of a home is rugs. A good rug that matches your room’s decor can bring the entire place to life. Even though on the ground, floor rugs are amongst the greatly glimpsed upon pieces of decor by the guests in any home. So, it is without a doubt a fact that choosing a floor rug for home is as important as selecting any item. The first question that would pop up in your mind while hunting for a new floor rug would certainly be, where would I find the best rug for my home? Well, the answer is pretty simple. India is by far one of the best countries to manufacture and distribute floor rugs across the globe for centuries. 

Indian rugs are vastly known for their quality and durability. But not all Indian rugs are made equally. There are a variety of rugs found in the Indian market. But, there is only a handful that truly stands out and can transform homes. So, if you are looking for quality Indian rugs for your house, look no further. Here are the top 5 rugs you can find in India that will perfectly go with your home. 

Kashmiri rugs

Kashmiri rugs are one of the largest known types of rugs in the world. They are celebrated for their unique design and work. Being a great sightseeing destination in India, Kashmir sees an influx of tourists and without a doubt, many of them book home at least one rug small or large for their homes. The Kashmiri rugs have quite a history attached to them with the very first ones made as far back as in the 1500s. Kashmiri rugs are generally handmade with wool and silk and come at a whopping price point. 

Agra Rugs

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A city that homes the seventh wonder of the world, Agar is a place of rich culture and great history. Its ancestry is vividly depicted in the classic rugs found in the place. The design of the rugs in Agra has a very lively approach and generally exhibits a mixture of humans, flowers, and animals. Apart from the design, rugs made in Agar are known most for their durable nature. So, if you are expecting a lot of walking and standing on the rug, one of the best Indian rugs to go for would be Agra rugs. 

Amritsar Rugs

By far one of the most beautiful rugs found in the Indian market, Amritsar rugs are acknowledged for their very lifelike design. Manufacturing of rugs in Amritsar dates back to hundreds of years in the past. It is believed that the product of rugs started with the growing demand of Indian rugs in the west. You will find classical Indian patterns and floral designs. They are extremely soft and can be a place for you to just sit, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee even. Given their nature, Amritsar is also quite pricey. 

Varanasi Rugs

A known religious center of India, Varanasi is also a highly regarded city for rugs and carpets. Encapsulated with temples and a whole lot of traditions, the place’s life is depicted in the handmade rugs found here. They are generally made from a mixture of wool and silk, which makes them extremely soft and comfortable. Varanasi rugs are also in various sizes, all rectangular. The rugs are colorful, very abstract, and pop up in any room it’s placed. But, they are made for indoor room use and not in an external environment. 

Garnishing Rugs

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Apart from the famous location rugs, Indian rugs are made almost in every corner of the country ranging from Delhi, Jaipur to Manali, and more. So, we can classify these as garnishing or decorative rugs. They are very modern looking and compared to rugs made in Agar or Kashmir, come in at a lower price point, keeping the Indian nature intact. To get your hands on the best decorative rugs you can visit places like Delhi, Jaipur, Rishikesh, and Mumbai. 

In the end, you would want a rug that suits the place it is laid in. If you are someone who loves ancient cultures, rugs from Agar will attract you while rugs from Varanasi or Amritsar are very durable and can last years and years without any issues. Regardless of the rug, you choose, don’t forget to do things like measuring the place and understand the color scheme of the room it will be put in.


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