How to Deflate a Soccer Ball?

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Deflating a soccer ball can be helpful in several ways. It is much easier to transport a deflated soccer than an inflated ball, which takes away too much space if you are traveling. Soccer players know this trick because it will easily fit in your luggage or backpack. Deflated soccer balls are handy if you want to bring your ball in your luggage on an airplane. There are a couple of ways to deflate the ball. The most common one is with a needle or a ball pump. In case you do not have any of these, you can look for a pen or paperclip or any sharp object. However, keep in mind only use these things in case of an emergency. Using a ball pump or needle can better enhance your ball.

Every soccer ball has a valve that controls the airflow. It is used for both getting the air in and out of the ball. Be careful when deflating the ball; no matter what method you choose, avoid damaging the ball’s internal bladder. To protect the internal bladder, release air at a slow pace to protect the ball’s body. Also, avoid placing the deflated ball inside a freezer or at an extreme temperature, damaging the football. If you are a football fan and looking for online football betting you can check out ufabet123. 

Deflating the ball with a Pump and Needle 

A soccer ball can be deflated using an inflating pump. The inflating pump has a connected needle, which is used to inflate the ball. Deflating a ball with a pump is the best and most proposed way to deflate the soccer ball. Here are the ways to deflate the ball with a pump and needle.

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1)    Locate the valve on the ball, which should be made of a strong silicone material and on the ball’s outer panel.

2)     For moistening the needle to smooth and avoid the valve’s wear and tear, you can use water or any lubricant. Preferably using coconut oil makes the needle easily slips into the valve.

3)   Then, the needle is inserted into the ball’s valve from where the air escapes out. Do not try to press the ball to get the air out quickly. It can damage the bladder. When the desired air is obtained, the pump needle can be slowly pulled out from the ball.

4)    Without changing the angle, holds the needle in the vertical position as the ball deflates, then gently remove the needle.

Deflating the Ball Without Needle 

Deflating the ball with the needle is not the best way to get the air out, but it can be used when a needle or pump is not available. In case of emergency, a paper pin or a pen can be good enough. Here are some ways to deflate the soccer ball without using a needle.

1)   Take a paper pin or a pen. Make sure that their diameter is smaller than the diameter of the valve. Otherwise, you will endanger the health and safety of the ball. Simultaneously, using a paper pin-straight the pin without breaking it because much length is needed to handle the valve.

2)   Use water or coconut oil before inserting any of them into the valve to moisten the pen or paper pin’s tip.

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3)    After inserting, apply gentle pressure and feel the air coming out of the ball. This may take some time but avoid damaging the ball by forcing the ball with intense pressure.

4)    Once the desired air is reached, remove the paper pin or pen and keep the ball.


Both above methods can work for compressing your soccer ball for your desired storage. To increase your ball’s life, avoid damaging the ball using the most preferred ways with needle and pump instead of pin or pen methods. Now you can deflate a soccer ball, and you can keep your ball into your desired shape.


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