Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Sofa

Tips to preserve leather sofa from wear and tear

A sofa is among the most important items of furniture in the modern home. It’ll form a visual centrepiece for your lounge, and it’ll be the place that you spend a large portion of your downtime. As such, when you’re researching the purchase, you’ll want to take care that you don’t fall into any of the common pitfalls. Let’s take a look at a few of the mistakes people often make when shopping for a sofa.

Failing to Measure

A sofa will need to be judged in the context of the space you’re going to be installing it into. When we visit a showroom, we’re often confronted by sofas in large open spaces. Often, this makes it difficult to judge whether it’ll make a good match for our living room. Take a tape measure and make sure of it. A sofa that’s too big, even if it’s able to physically fit into the room, might end up dominating the space and preventing you from moving around easily.

Failing to Try

You can tell a lot about a sofa from the way that it looks. But the ultimate test is to actually sit on the thing. After all, that’s its one and only function. Make sure when you’re trying out the sofa that you actually sit on it in the same way that you do at home. There’s a temptation when you’re in a busy shop to sit upright. But if you’re prone to lounging around on your sofa, it’s best to actually do this when you’re testing, and avoid surprises later on.

Choosing the Wrong Material

Animals and children are like little stain-generating machines. If your sofa is made from absorbent material, like fabric, you can be sure that it’ll be discoloured very quickly. Instead, consider something that’s glossy, water-resistant and easy to clean. Of course, no sofa is entirely stainproof, but leather will give you a fighting chance.

Skimping on Quality

We all have a budget to adhere to, but that needn’t mean that we cut corners. A high-quality four-seater sofa should be considered a long-term investment; this way you’ll have access to the best possible materials, and you can be sure that the underlying structure is sound. Buying a cheap sofa is almost always a false economy; within just a few years, you’ll probably end up spending more on a replacement.

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