Why dental charting is important?

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Dental charting is an essential part of any patient's medical history. A dental chart is the previous history of the health condition of a tooth or gum. If a patient doesn't have a dental chart, that means doctor have to treat him from very initial stages.


A person who does dental charting is called hygienist. Dental charting is a process in which your dental health care describes the health of your tooth, and gums.this is also called a periodontal charting. the dental charting is usually done during dental check-ups. its a graphic method about organizing your dental health.when you visit dental care, they told you to take care of your dental health and have regular check-ups.

Dental Chart:

The dental chart is a graphical way of organizing all the information about your tooth and gums. Your hygienist checks your oral condition and makes the dental chart from which the dentist gets information about the health of your tooth and gums.It is a graphical or pictorial form to show the dental health of your mouth.

Reasons for your dental charting:

Your hygienist or dental assistant creates a chart about your dental condition. Because it's an excellent way to organize the dental health of your mouth. By making this chart, your dentist has all the access to the problem you are facing related to your dental health in one place and in a simple format. Each time you go visit your dental doctor, they can check the improvement in your dental health.

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Benefits of dental charting:

There are many benefits to keep in the dental charting of your tooth and gums.

Benefits to your health care dentist are they can keep a record of your dental health. They can check your dental health status to all previous visit check-ups by comparing the dental charting of your oral health to the previous one. It's a great way to keep in the record about what is happening inside your mouth. Your dentist would be able to give you the possible best treatments.  The dental chart would give you and your dentist, a point of reference that you are making progress in your dental health issues..

Importance of dental charting:

  • To record the patient's periodontal condition at baseline:
  • To establish effective patient communication about periodontal disease and its prevention and treatment:
  • To determine proper diagnosis and treatment planning:
  • To evaluate the response of therapy:
  • Areas of cavities:
  • Missing or broken teeth
  • Depth of your gums pocket
  • An abnormal condition of your teeth such as erosion or abrasions
  • Presence of implants, crowns, etc
  • Meeting points of your teeth to gums
  • Any movement or rotation in your teeth
  • Any bleeding or swelling in your gums;

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