Emotional quotes give a blessing of feelings

These lovely emotional quotes show the most beautiful things change your feelings according to your emotions. These attractive emotional quotes will make you understand that different colors of happiness and sadness we have in our lives is so that it can be a rainbow full of different shades and emotions. Music, Painting Literature needs to be felt with the heart to enjoy its real beauty.

The emotional quotes will change your perception of emotions they will make you feel the emotions as the symbol of your existence which has one purpose of spreading love, peace, and beauty all around to make the world a better place. These best emotional quotes express emotions create real feelings in your heart as per the current situation so that you can express inner feelings with them.

Emotional quotes show emotions teach us the value of being human.

The heart feels all the emotions and expresses them through eyes.

Emotions make me feel I am alive and all my senses and heart are functional.

Emotions are expressions which use no language to convey the message.

Emotions have healing power more than any medicine or ointment.

Do not fear the expression of emotions they reveal what your heart feels.

Emotional quotes give you the strength to encounter pain or happiness within.

When alone give a vent to the emotions that mount in your heart. Cry loudly, laugh leisurely and bring your heart at peace.

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Emotions are a symbol of our existence. They show you are still alive and have a heart which feels something.

Do not fear the expression of pain and sadness it, will only go away when you express it.

We have emotions for everything around us. You look around, and you feel it.

The mosaics of emotions we feel make our life collection of sad, sweet and refreshing memories.

Emotions have beautiful expressions in the form of poetry, painting, music, and writings.

Emotional quotes make you realize the importance of feeling something for someone.

The emotion you experience for the first time after using your sense organs is what your heart feels about it rest all are manipulations and modifications.

Colors express emotions. Red, Blue, Green, and the spectrum of different shades make you feel in a different way and manner.

Emotions make us human and living beings different from non-living and dead things.

The heart within has one more function than, pumping the blood to the body and that is to feel.

Emotional quotes show emotions need an expression to make you feel light and free.

Emotions are companions in disguise. Choose the one which makes your journey of life happy and loving.

Do not run after the emotion of happiness or, away from sadness they are natural like life and death. Learn to live them and accept them as they come and go.

Emotions keep flowing like water. They make you happy, sad cry and laugh as you move on in life.

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Emotions are true feelings that anything arises in your heart when you look at it for the first time.


Emotional quotes will help you to feel the joy and express sadness as giving vent to the emotions help in living a life. The quotes will make you happy, sad so that you can enjoy the expressions of emotions. The quotes will encourage you to experience emotions and make efforts to empower yourself with the feelings that make you and the world around you happy.

These execellent emotional quotes will make you understand the value of happiness and stories behind tears. They will be taking you through the shades of emotions we all experience but fail to enjoy and keep on moving in life without understanding the importance of moments that have gone but given us something valuable and precious.

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