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Academic life has become quite competitive these days and only the best students are able to score highly. This is the digital age and a lot depends on how students use technology to their advantage. If you are a university student, a lot would depend on the tools you are using to carry out your academic tasks. For example, today, you would not see intelligent students proofreading content manually. They use grammar checking and paraphrasing tools for this purpose.  These tools have a great impact on the performance that a student exhibits. However, every tool is not dependable and only the best ones should be used to attain the best results.

Here are 5 of the most useful tools for students:


Plagiarism is a key problem which adversely effects the performance of students. In terms of assignments, it is important to produce original content at all times. The possibilities of submitting plagiarized assignments are high if a careful approach is not adopted. This is because students use several sources to compile content for their assignments.

  • Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker is an amazing tool for determining whether your assignment has copied content or not. No need to go through each line of the content and check the originality. It is very hard to detect plagiarism through manual reading. Using a quality tool is essential. The Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker is an amazing tool to check written content for copied information.


Students who are not careful about the grammatical errors in their submissions end up with miserable grades. Teachers and academic heads are strictly particular about whether students have submitted grammatically correct content or not. If the content is read manually, it becomes hard to detect grammatical issues.

  • Grammarly is a quality tool for checking and rectifying grammatical issues. The check performed by this tool is split into two parts. One part is identification of mistakes. Once you have written the content, copy and paste it in Grammarly. When the tool has scanned the content, all errors would be shown to you. The second part is correct recommendations. For each mistake, the tool would provide you with the correct recommendations as well.


Turnitin is a reputed tool used to check originality of content. It is a very helpful tool for students who have to make submissions every now and then. Plagiarism has disastrous effects for students whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally. Hence, students have to make sure that their content is original. Turnitin is an amazing tool for content checking. The tool has a simple user interface and generates quick response. More than anything, it does not ignore any errors and students can depend on it.

  • A lot of students do not take plagiarism seriously. Before submitting their assignments, they do not check things properly. This is where a problem is initiated. Copied content submission is a serious offense and academic supervisors do not tolerate it in any manner. The best way to avoid it is use a high standard tool.
  • There is no point in putting in so much effort when you can use a tool and get better results. With Turnitin, you can be absolutely sure that the written content has been checked with perfection. This tool does not skip any mistakes which makes it a highly preferred option.
  • Apart from preventing low grades, a plagiarism checking software is useful in saving time for students. College and university students are always running out of time. They cannot spend long hours on checking assignments and other submissions for plagiarism. Thus, for them, Turnitin is a commendable tool which saves time and performs plagiarism checks without any loop holes.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing content is necessary so that there are no plagiarism traces. Most students face plagiarism problems due to lack of awareness. If the information is paraphrased properly, it is much easier to score well. When it comes to a paraphrasing tool you can depend on, the Prepostseo tool is an amazing option. It fulfills all kinds of requirements that students have.

  • A lot of time is consumed if you are paraphrasing content manually without the use of any tool. Using the Prepostseo Paraphrasing tool is the best way to cut off your workload. This tool rewrites the content in quick time. Consider that you have to work on a project management assignment for which information has to be extracted from 10 different sources.
  • It is obvious that extracting information from so many sources would require time. There is also a chance that you would make mistakes while rewriting the content. Using the Prepostseo tool is a productive way to check the content without using your precious time.


There is nothing wrong about accessing different websites and collecting information. However, there are well specified regulations for accessing content that belongs to someone else. Content from an online source should never be copied as it is counted as plagiarism. Thus, if you are extracting information from any source, rephrasing would be an essential activity. The important point is that you need to pick a dependable tool for this purpose.

  • Quillbot is an amazing tool and there are various features which make it better than the alternatives available. The user interface is one of them. Students search for tools that are easy to use. They do not have the time to explore complicated tools and understand their features.
  • Considering this aspect, Quillbot is a suitable tool to look at. It offers an amazing user experience and does not have a complicated layout. Content is scanned and rephrased in quick time.


The performance of a student does depend on the tools he used to complete academic goals. Diverse tools are used by students and each of them has its own benefits. For instance, if you want your content to be free of grammatical issues, you need to use a dependable tool for it. Similarly, paraphrasing content is an important task. Assignments cannot be submitted if the content has not been rephrased properly.

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