How to choose the glasses according to your “look”


A new pair of carefully chosen cat eye glasses will not only bring you attractive, but will reinforce and become part of your personality. It is obvious that the prescription lenses must provide the person with an optimal vision. Your optometrist can help you not only in choosing the frame that best suits you, but you can also customize your prescription lenses according to your needs.

Sometimes there is no alternative but to acquire a new pair of glasses. And not only because he has changed his vision ability, but because of the unstoppable pace of fashion or because he needs a second pair for certain activities. However, as a result of the wide range available today, buying a new frame and glasses is no longer a simple task. Nowadays, good optometrists offer their clients an endless variety of models and different characteristics. But anyone who knows what they are looking for will find the pair of perfect glasses without problems.

Scope of use of new glasses

A very important criterion when buying new glasses is the possibility of combining them. This criterion can vary greatly from one user to another. One of the first questions that must be asked is: why do I need glasses or for what do I need them mainly? A person who works all day with the computer will need glasses different from those that work especially outdoors or sports activities. The more information the optometrist has (a good professional will always ask you many questions), the simpler the selection process will be. Compare your experience buying new glasses with the purchase of a car. The optometrist will inform you and show you all the “features” that can make you feel better.

Cutting-edge technology

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Another maxim when buying glasses: the more individualized the cheap prescription glasses, the better results will be obtained in terms of vision quality, comfort and tolerance characteristics, for example in the case of multi focal. The concept is similar to that of the tailored suit, as opposed to acquiring a standard garment, which may look good, but offers no guarantee.

The mounts

As for the frames, the optometrist usually selects previously some models that seem appropriate, since he knows his product offer and will also be the one to help him reach his goal before the wide range of possibilities. Try to make clear from the beginning your preferences regarding colour, material and price.

As a general rule, the following applies: Round-faced people should opt for angular frames, while angled-faced people feel better about a round frame. Oval face people are lucky to be able to choose the shape they want. Optometrists usually advise triangular or heart-shaped people to opt for a thin, oval frame.

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