Which Infrared Heating Panel Should You Consider Buying?

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In the cold countries, which have a majority of the winter season in the year, and also for the places which have a short but extreme winter season, the topic of room heating is critical. Generally, fireplaces, thermal room heaters, and electric heaters are the traditional ways to combat the cold winter season. At present, however, with the advent of technology, the heating via an infrared heating panel is becoming more and more popular. Infrared heat is also known as heatwave heating, and new constructors and home renovators are very much interested in this heating method. Not only does it improve the view of the room aesthetically, but it also serves as a better and cost-efficient room heater. It is of no surprise why the demand for this type of heaters is increasing day by day.

These infrared heaters use the infrared heating panel to produce from the heat by harnessing electrical energy efficiently. The primary functions of these heaters are heat radiation, which circulates the heat to all the corners of the room. The functioning of these heaters is much different than to the traditional room heaters. The conventional room heaters warm the cold air present in the room, while the infrared heaters focus on heat distribution in the room in an even manner. The infrared heaters can come as picture tubes and can save space and yet to the efficiency of the heater.

Given below are some of the best infrared heaters that you can buy:

  • Könighaus 800W P-Series

Könighaus is a German manufacturer of infrared heaters, and this model comes with 800 Watt. The product is entirely made in Germany and is one of the highest quality infrared heaters available in the market right now. This model has a manufacturer’s warranty for up to 10 years and is certified by TÜV. It is one of the powerful infrared heaters that can be easily installed. The design is simple, and the packaging is very professional. The model is only available in white color, though.

  • InfraredPro picture heating 900W
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The design of this infrared heater fits perfectly to use it as a decoration at home. The user will get an option of choosing over 80 images, and this model is very versatile when it comes to heating. The 900 Watts is massive, and it belongs in the top infrared heaters group. Made in Germany, this model gets a manufacturer’s warranty for up to 7 years. The product is of top quality, and the heating power is reliable. The picture quality is also excellent.

  • IH Engineering Image heating selectable wattage

This is a customizable infrared heater that comes with varying powers between 130 Watts and 1000 Watts. Every variant supports over 50 designs of picture selection, and this heater can be easily fitted with the room’s design. TÜV certification comes with this model, and it has a warranty of 5 years. The heating is very reliable, and the installation is effortless.

  • InfraredPro picture heating 750W

Another picture heating infrared heater is this model. It comes with 750 Watts and belongs in the upper section when a variety of designs is considered. The model is manufactured in Germany and comes with a warranty period of 5 years. The design is highly customization, with over 80 image options. The installation can be done quickly, and the heating performance is excellent.

  • InfraredPro picture heating 1200W

This model comes with 1200 Watts of the infrared heating panel, and the large variety of designs means it can fit well with the room. The radiator also provides crystal clear Ultra HD images and has over 40 different choices. It is a high-quality German material that comes with seven years of warranty.


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