7 ways to help your child prepare for SSAT

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The SSAT grades scored by your child will determine his/her future. In that light, only strategic planning and preparation can ensure success for your child when it comes to the SSAT exams.

Since this a major exam, students often fall in the pit of anxiety and lose their focus. However, their anxiety issue can be addressed if they are well prepared for this intermediate test.

As a parent, it is also your duty to help and assist your kid at this difficult juncture. The preparation for this test is not that easy and requires great dedication and focus. Your child may be socially disconnected while gearing up for the SSAT exam. Watching a movie, hanging out with friends, family time may all be reduced owing to the pressure this exam brings.

Stress is thus perhaps the most common thing that is likely to arise under such circumstance, But what can you do as a parent? How can you help your offspring prepare for this big leap? Here are a few pointers:

Get Your Child To Practice A Lot:

Just like any standardized test, this can be excelled with proper, planned SSAT test prep. Regular and consistent practice will help your child gain confidence, which is the key to success when it comes to any exam.

In that light, it is a good idea to get your child signed up for an SSAT practice test online, quite a few months before the exam. Taking mock tests like these helps the child in understanding the pattern of the exam and thus he/she faces no problem when they appear for the exam finally.

Make Your Child Read A Lot:

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A lot of attention and importance is given to the Reading and Writing segment of the SSAT test. Thus, if your child has to excel in this section, having a good hold of the English Vocabulary is crucial.

Though many parents may opine that reading a dictionary and learning 5 10 new words a day is all that is required to succeed in this test section, do not fall for that trap.

Always remember that your child needs to learn the new words in context, i.e understand how are the words interlinked in a given sentence. This is the only way to fathom the true meaning of a  word and its application. In that light, get your child to read as much as possible.

Address The Weak Points:

If you know that your child falters in Math, then it is advisable to get help for that subject quite a few months before appearing for the test. Math is one subject which requires regular and consistent practice. If your child does not practice the sums for a while, chances are, he/she might forget how to solve a given problem.  

Get your child to take the mock SSAT tests frequently. They have full-length questions, tests, quizzes, and other indicators to determine the skills of the student.

Learning To Skip:

If your child is intelligent and motivation driven, he/she might find it difficult to skip a question and come back to it later, or to accept not knowing the answer. But you have to teach them otherwise. SSAT tests are very practically timed and losing time on one question may result in losing time for the others.

Sharpen Your Talent:

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While helping him/her to deal with the weak points during the preparation phase, do not ignore the strong points he/she has. For instance, your child may have a good vocabulary and a decent writing skill. This doesn’t mean that they should not take a mock test to further sharpen the skills.  

Discard Poor Options:

Multiple choice questions give out clues to the test-takers if they know where to look. So work with your child and help him/her to identify the apparent wrong answers. With practice, your child will soon take half a minute to answer such questions.  

Get A Tutor If Required:

Even though you might be helping your child prepare for the SSAT, an extra helping hand can be effective. So get a good tutor for your child. Tutors are quite efficient and may a time come up with clearer and better solutions to the problems being faced by your little darling.

Help your child prepare better. All the best!

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