Pure Indulgence: 5 Reasons to Book a Villa on Your Trip to Greece

Pure Indulgence: 5 Reasons to Book a Villa on Your Trip to Greece

Heading to Greece this year? Make your vacation an unforgettable one by booking your own private villa! Holidays are supposed to be fun, exciting, and indulgent, and what better way to enjoy your trip than booking the most awesome accommodation. Renting a private villa in Greece like Artina Villa comes with a lot of perks that will ensure that you’ll have the most enjoyable vacation ever.

If you don’t have an itinerary yet, may we recommend the Ionian island gem that is Zakynthos — home of the most fabulous luxury villas Greece is popular for. This dreamy destination offers the best of both worlds, a trinity of treats which include natural and man-made scenery that will take your breath away, rich history and culture, and flavorful fares, completing the perfect vacation.

Need more convincing? We’ve listed down 5 reasons why you should rent a villa in Zante (Zakynthos’ other name!) on your trip this year. We bet you’ll be booking once you’re done reading this article.


Pure Indulgence: 5 Reasons to Book a Villa on Your Trip to Greece

Nothing’s better than having your own private paradise where you can relax without the hustle and bustle of crowds that you usually encounter with typical accommodation like hotels and inns. One of the advantages of renting a private villa in Zakynthos is that you have the place all to yourself and you have the liberty to do as you please. You get to exclusively use the facilities as much as you want, anytime you want.

Staying at a villa in Greece also ensures your safety as the place is kept guarded and gated. No comings and goings of pedestrians so you can sleep soundly at night knowing you, your loved ones, and your belongings are properly secured.


Pure Indulgence: 5 Reasons to Book a Villa on Your Trip to Greece

No need to take turns with other people for facility use when you book a luxury villa in Zante. Heated pool? All to yourself! A well-stocked bar and pantry? All for your indulgence. These and more including a tennis court, a playground for the kids, and of course, a jaw-dropping view for your eyes only.

With this kind of exclusivity, you don’t need to get in line or look behind your shoulder just to check if your time using the facility is up. Carefree and comfortable not just for you but for your whole group – just how a dream getaway should be.


Pure Indulgence: 5 Reasons to Book a Villa on Your Trip to Greece

Another private villa perk is topnotch services retrofit to your needs. Artina Villa in Zakyntos, for example, provides on-demand service including a masseuse for a day (or night) of unwinding, a private chef for a romantic dinner with a loved one or a delicious spread or local dishes for the whole family, a private instructor for a calming session of yoga or Pilates, and your own yacht for a day of cruising and discovery of the whole island. There’s truly nothing more luxurious than a Zante villa.


Pure Indulgence: 5 Reasons to Book a Villa on Your Trip to Greece

One of the downsides of hotels and inns are the cramped spaces which limit one’s movement and of course, overall enjoyment. It’s a different story with a luxury villa in Zante like Artina Villa as it is spacious and has enough area to move around. The rooms are airy with big beds, closets, windows where you can actually see the view, and proper air conditioning for utmost comfort.

There’s also a large kitchen where you can prepare and share meals, living room to spend downtime at or where the kids can play video games when it gets too hot outside, a lawn where you can spend some time enjoying the Greek sun, and a grove where you can enjoy a picnic with the whole fam. Just what a dream villa in the Greek islands should provide!


Pure Indulgence: 5 Reasons to Book a Villa on Your Trip to Greece

Unlike other accommodations that overpromise but rarely deliver, a luxury villa in Zakynthos will ensure that you get the value for your money. You get to experience world-class service upon arrival (with welcome goodies) and until departure (chauffeured ride to the airport), attentive staff with hands ready to help and smiles that will make you feel at home, and of course, stunning aesthetics and million-dollar view that you can’t find anywhere

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