Amazing Wooden Toys: Are Grimm’s Toys Worth The Money?

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It can be quite difficult to find the ultimate worth it toys for our children. All we really want is a toy that will last forever, get years of play and won’t be too much on our pocket. Well, Grimm’s wooden toys may just be what you’re looking for. But is it really worth it to buy Grimm’s toy? When you consider the overall quality of toy, its many uses, cost per play and resale value, these wooden toys from Grimm are really worthy of its price. Finding a wooden toy that ticks all the boxes are rare. Find out how quality, function, cost for play and resale value impact the worth the money conclusion.

Toys Wooden: Grimm’s Amazing Wooden Toy Craftsmanship

Grimm’s is a family-owned company and is known in the toy industry for producing high-quality, handcrafted . The colors and oils used in making the wooden toy are certified non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. The wooden toy pieces are made from alder, lime, beech, and maple wood all sourced from sustainable forests local in Europe. To help reduce the worldwide wastage problem, Grimm’s make sure that they use as little packaging as possible.

Because Grimm’s are concerned with maintaining a consistent high standard of quality, their wooden toys are manufactured in-house while woodworking is outsourced only to a few independent workshops in Europe. The toys’ design work, surface finish and treatment, assembly, quality control, packing and shipping are all handled exclusively at their main Europe headquarters.

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Multi-Functional Use of Grimm’s Wooden Toy

Grimm’s wooden toys can be used in different ways that your child can imagine. Grimm’s rainbow, for example is a classic and ever popular wooden toy that can be manipulated in multitude of ways.

Grimm’s toy designs are considered as open-ended – your child can manipulate it some way and can serve many purposes depending on the desire, imagination and interest of your kid. Grimm’s wooden toys are beautifully simple and also serves in many homes as a décor item.

Grimm’s Wooden Toy Cost Per Play

Cost per play is a term used to describe how much a toy costs per every play. Grimm’s toys can get play time on a pretty frequent basis and is known for their heirloom quality – good enough to be passed down to younger siblings or family members. When you think about it, a toy made from wood really only costs you cents, make sense?

Grimm’s toys also have quite a dedicated following and most toy owners hang on to their collections for many many years – sometimes even long enough for their grandkids to enjoy.

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