Violent Crimes frequently charged in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Being arrested and facing criminal charges can be a daunting experience. A single guilty verdict can dramatically impact your future, restricting educational opportunities and job opportunities. This makes it particularly important to have a knowledgeable legal representation when you identify yourself in this challenging situation. The experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyers can fight vigorously for your rights at every step of the process.

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct (C.S.C.) Charges

Various criminal charges rely heavily on several aggravating circumstances in the case that can be brought when the allegation of sexual assault comes up. The penalties vary considerably depending on the severity of the offense charged. Charges of criminal sexual conduct (C.S.C.) are given based on the crime’s degree or severity:

  • 4th Degree C.S.C. (M.C.L. § 750.520e) (Two-year “high-court” misdemeanor; maximum penalty of 2 years in prison; $500 fine, registry as a sex offender);
  • 3rd Degree C.S.C. (M.C.L. § 750.520d) (Felony; the maximum sentence of 15 years in prison; registry as a sex offender);
  • 2nd Degree C.S.C. (M.C.L. § 750.520c) (Felony; maximum penalty of 15 years in prison; life-long electronic monitoring for some instances, registry as a sex offender);
  • 1st Degree C.S.C. (M.C.L. § 750.520b) (Felony; the max sentence is up to life in prison, a probable mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison, possible compulsory life without the possibility of parole; the life of electronic surveillance; registry as a sex offender).

These are severe crimes for which the Legislature has imposed rigorous charges. And there are also drastic adverse effects that will follow you for years, if not decades if you are found guilty by plea or trial. Recently, the Legislature has altered and, in some cases, reduced the registration/reporting requirements for persons convicted of these crimes. Please contact your lawyer to see if you’re eligible for any recovery. To obtain a more accurate assessment, you must provide the lawyer with a copy of the petition or charges, the plea agreement, and the judgment.

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Such incidents are very factual, and the authenticity of the evidence, such as the complainant’s declarations, is of the utmost importance. Often there are few witness accounts to these offenses. Sometimes the accusations can be corroborated by forensic evidence or other signifies, but usually not. Among many other things, a good lawyer will thoroughly investigate the allegations and forensic evidence, interview witnesses, raise legal challenges to the prosecutor’s case and evidence, and prepare a vigorous defense for the court hearing.

If the suspect has made any exculpatory statements to the police, friends, or family, their declarations will be crucial for the prosecution. For this purpose, and many others have not been explained here, if you are suspected of committing sexual assault in any shape or form, you should ask any attorney with a considerable amount of experience in dealing with sexual assault cases. Contrarily to what you might think, criminal sexual conduct cases can be managed to win.

Domestic violence charges in the state of Michigan originally come from the following relationship:

  • Spouse of the defendant (former or present)
  • Person(s) in a relationship or marriage with the defendant;
  • Person(s) sharing a kid with the defendant
  • Resident(s) of the household of the defendant

As mentioned in Michigan State Law, domestic violence is defined as an assault or battery by an individual (or individuals) in other relationships. Domestic abuse is then divided into two separate categories, which are:

  • Domestic Assault (Michigan Penal Code 750.81)
  • Aggravated Domestic Assault (Michigan Penal Code 750.81a)

Domestic assault charges often result in more severe penalties than sexual assaults. Anyone charged for domestic abuse, spousal battery, or stalking will entail an aggressive, highly experienced criminal defense team. Contact our professional lawyers for specialized domestic violence committed to the sole objective of fighting to surmount your potential conviction and jail time. Our attorneys have a lot of knowledge in handling a wide range of domestic violence charges and will ensure that you get the best-case results for DV charges in Michigan.

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