Features To Look While Buying An Air Conditioner

air conditioner for your home

Buying or replacing the current AC is one of the major decisions that you need to make as not only these electronic appliances are expensive but also these are long term investments.

Presently, in this age of global warming when the mercury is going up with each passing day, it has become impossible to survive without an AC during the summer months especially. There is nothing better than an AC which can save you from the scorching heat when you are at home.

Home is a place where you want a comfortable and relaxing environment as you come here for relief after a hectic day. So to have that even during the summers, AC has become a necessity; it is no more a luxury. If you are thinking of buying an AC or thinking about replacing the old one but then you are confused about which one to buy, here are some features which you must check before selecting an AC.

These are like parameters which are going to help you to get the best suitable AC for you. But before everything, set a budget a first and then only look out for the features as all the features are not available in every price ranges.

  • The Capacity Of The AC:-The first and foremost thing which you should consider while you are buying an AC is the capacity of it in cooling down your place. Like if space is smaller than 140 sq. ft. then an AC of 1 ton is ideal if the area of the space is between 140 sq. ft-180 sq.ft. then go for a 1.5-ton air conditioner and if space is even bigger than that then you will need an air conditioner of 2 ton. Since you are going to use AC optimally, the perfect size of the machine will help you to save a lot on the electricity bill as well. Panasonic is one of the AC brands that come with wide range of capacities. You can read panasonic ac review at Best Green AC.
  • Energy Efficiency:-As the temperature of the surrounding is increasing day by day, so is the cost of electricity. Because of this situation, you should buy an air conditioner of an energy efficient model that will suck not much energy and provide better and speedy cooling. All the air conditioners are now available with EER or Energy efficiency Rating- the more the stars the more energy efficient the machine will be. The ratings are standardised by the BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency.
  • Window AC v/s Split AC:-Whenever it is about buying an AC, the debate over window ac and split AC is inevitable, this is a never-ending debate. Though air conditioners of both of these types have the same primary work that is to cool down the room efficiently, both of these types have their own shares of advantages and disadvantages as well.

Window air conditioners are less expensive but they are not as much aesthetic or not as much smooth as split ACs are. On the other hand, while the split ACs are better in sir dispersion than the window ACs, they are not as easy to install as the split units are. So, accordingly, choose the type of air conditioner. You must understand your requirement first.

Apart from all these, there are some other features as well which you must consider before buying an AC such as- the air quality, the noise level, the cooling speed, the ease of installation, size, model, sleep mode, auto start, price etc. You can read about them at best green AC.

The air conditioner is made to feel you relaxed and comfortable. So make sure you do not end in buying a model of the air conditioner which makes your money wasted.

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